Specialty Nutrients

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Specialty Nutrients

House of the range of the finest nutrients for instant readymade food supply for all types of crops.

Nutrition supplements are equally essential for ensuring consistently healthy yield. Jaffer Agro Services (Private) Limited houses the finest nutrition range that includes seaweed extracts for plant and root structure development, water-soluble fertilizers for foliar application/fertilization and amino acids for instant readymade food supply for all types of crops.

Specialty Nutrients

Jaffer Agro's range of Specialty Nutrients is designed to provide plant organisms with all the elements they need to grow healthy and strong. Successfully pioneering Water Soluble Potash and Sea Weed Extract Bio Stimulants in Pakistan, have fueled Jaffer Agro to consistently strive for more innovation in this category. Our Specialty Nutrients range, with suppliers ranging all the way from Belgium, Spain & India, ensures quality and affordability for the agricultural community of Pakistan.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids play pivotal roles during signaling processes as well as in plant stress response and ensuring disease resistance in the crop itself. We pride ourselves in having some of the largest brands in this portfolio, sourced from Spain.

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