Corporate Functions

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance plays a vital role in meeting the financial requirements of the Group. Arrangements of banking facilities at the most competitive rates, together with effective and efficient deployment of cash, are key activities of this department.

At Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, emphasis is laid on the development of strategies as well as on annual operating plans. Corporate Finance appraises such plans including new venture proposals and assists the Board of Directors to develop and agree to the future direction. It also monitors Group performance against the budgets and highlights critical issues to senior management for timely decisions.

Other activities of the Unit include Group taxation and formulation of financial and accounting policies, including limits of authorities.

Human Resources

The role of our Human Resource department is essentially that of 'leadership development'. Besides being an 'employee advocate' and a 'change and transformation counselor', our Human Resource department is constantly:

  1. Ensuring that all business and support units have optimum quantity and quality of human resources capable to compete and grow in all areas of our diversified business activities.
  2. Striving to provide opportunities for training and development to our employees, facilitating their personal and professional growth.
  3. Working in complete harmony with our employees to understand their hopes and aspirations and facilitating them in fulfilling them through employee friendly policies.
  4. Practically demonstrating a sincere commitment to the self-respect and dignity of our employees. This, in turn, motivates them to achieve the highest levels of performance with dedication and loyalty.

Administration & General Services

Our Administrative staff ensures that the Group's employees have a safe, comfortable and efficient working environment in our offices to enable them to serve our customers better. The Administration provides all the necessary facilities to make the employees' business travel safe and comfortable. 

Audit & Corporate Affairs

One of the most important factors for any firm's success and growth is the consistent fortification of its corporate image. The key endeavor at Audit & Corporate Affairs department is the maintenance and enhancement of the corporate image and soliciting feedback from the entire spectrum of clientele. Audit & Corporate Affairs is not only responsible for statutory compliance and uniform application of all Group policies and carrying out the Board's direction, it also evaluates the existing policies and procedures for their relevance to the current business needs of the Group and helps the Group in the development of new policies and procedures. It helps the Business Units and other corporate support functions in development of their annual operation plans.

An ongoing audit activity at our Group of Companies helps management to take corrective and timely steps. Besides normal audit and compliance of internal control procedures, other major activities of Audit & Corporate Audit department includes, checking the reconciliation of statutory books and other assignments entrusted by the management.

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