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Jaffer Environment and Hygiene

Jaffer Environment and Hygiene division has been contributing for more than four decades towards the attainment of Jaffer Group’s purpose of improving the lives and health of people and communities by ensuring a healthy environment through domestic pest management and hygiene solutions.

The division has been actively involved in introducing imported and premium quality pest control products through consistent research to prevent harmful pests from destroying the surroundings, catering to all environmental protection needs. Jaffer Environment and Hygiene has also developed a strong foothold in a niche market by constantly focusing on product innovation and customer satisfaction. Further broadening its scope, it has developed in-depth expertise to safeguard the communities’ health through protection from the risk of viral diseases.

The division has also been providing technical expertise and support to government agencies and corporations to carry out vector control programs at different levels with national or international support agency funding. The products offered are recommended by leading architects and industry professionals for their effectiveness and efficacy. 


Termiticides are one class of insecticides specifically designed to eliminate termites. The objective of applying a Termiticides to soil is to provide an unbroken chemical barrier between the wood in the structure and termite colonies in the soil.

Insecticides & Pesticides

Insecticides are chemicals used to control insects by killing them or preventing them from engaging in undesirable or destructive behaviours.


Rodenticides are chemicals made and sold for the purpose of killing rodents. While commonly referred to as "rat poison", rodenticides are also used to kill mice, squirrels, woodchucks chipmunks, porcupines, nutria, beavers and voles.


Foggers are chemicals used that work by spraying a mist into the air that falls onto exposed surfaces and objects. They do not spray out gas and do not reach into unexposed voids, cracks and crevices, where pests may hide.

Fumigation Services

Fumigation is one of the methods to eliminate pests and protect wide environment from potential damages and risks. Jaffer’s state of the art fumigation services provides guaranteed results against mosquitos, termites, and other damaging pests by using expert technology, effective pesticides, and trained fumigators. Along with the best treatment of pests, we also offer pre and post fumigation consultation for targeted solutions.

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