Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Jaffer Group respects the right to privacy of our website users. The purpose of this policy is to convey to visitors the use of the collected information. Visitors have the right to withdraw from the use of the website and not to share their information, if they desire. Please review our privacy statement below that also provides other relevant information.

  1. Personal Information and Storage

    1. The Jaffer Group website does not collect any data of individuals who visit this website, other than what is explicitly provided by the individuals themselves through various forms available.
    2. When a user provides information, they give their consent that the information can be stored and shared within the organization and is intended to be used and made available to the employees of the organization to correspond or respond to the queries of the visitor. This includes the information provided via a contact form, feedback form, job application form, and through uploaded resumes.
    3. The organization may use some of the data to manage the relationships and communication with users by email, SMS, and/or telephone, for providing support services and complaint handling.
    4. The basis for the usage of data is for communication with the website visitors, service users, individual customers, and customer personnel, maintenance of relationships, and proper administration of the website, services, and business.
    5. The website users also give their consent when they use the website for the collection of information and use it to create and maintain the visitor’s databases, and to maintain back-up copies of the databases to secure the business records.
  2. Sharing Information Outside the Organization

    1. Jaffer Group respects the right to privacy of the website visitors and therefore does not provide nor share the information with any third party unless it is necessary for the development and support of the website.
    2. Jaffer Group does not by any means sell collected information to any external entity which is sent through the website, unless the visitor has provided the information with own free will or has given prior consent or if it is required by the law of the land (Government of Pakistan).
    3. If any misuse, violation of legal or security policy, or individual is suspected to have tried to change or intervene with the website code, collected information can be shared with the organization's personnel and/or law enforcement or intelligence agencies to assist in the investigation.
  3. International Transfers of the Data

    1. The hosting facilities for the Jaffer Group website may at any time be situated outside Pakistan depending on the facilities we intend to use. Jaffer Group ensures that the transfers of data including personal data, to any location outside Pakistan are protected by the standard data protection policy by the service provider being used.
    2. Jaffer Group uses Google Analytics services, which gathers information about the use of this website using cookies. The information gathered is used to create reports on the use of this website. Users can review Google's privacy policy at
  4. Network and Security

    1. Some other technical information may also be collected which is essential for the functionality of the website to view the webpage correctly, which includes the Internet Protocol (IP) network address and/or the visitors' anonymized information.
    2. Cookies are used to improve visitors' experience and analyze website traffic. For these reasons, we may share individual’s site usage data with the analytics partners. By using this website, visitors agree to allow to store cookies on their device(s). The website user can change their cookie settings at any time through their browsers which enables them to accept and refuse cookies.
    3. Jaffer Group has ensured that it has used the technologies required to provide secure information safely to the visitors online. The system and applications being used take all security measures to keep the visitors’ personal information secure and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. The IT team responsible for the creation, maintenance, and support of these databases or the website follow security measures and standards required in the collection, storage, and review of the information.
  5. Amendments and Updates

    1. This policy will be amended and updated as needed from time to time or when a new version on the website is published, therefore users should check the privacy policy occasionally to stay up to date.
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