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In today's world information technology is the one that drives innovation and innovation is the path to business success having the same impact as any other industrial revolution.

Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited is one of the most reputable Information Technology Company in Pakistan, with the motto to solve people’s business challenges with Information Technology Solutions in a creative way.

It promotes the culture of excellence, innovation and vitality in its business processes and services. It is this very quest of excellence that Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited has partnered with only the world renowned Information Technology brands such as HP, HPE, Oracle, Vertiv, Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, & Datto.

Recently it has taken the initiative to promote the startup culture in the country and has already acquired one innovative startup company of Big Data Analytics.

Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited prides itself for being a company that is always quick to bring the latest and emerging technologies to its customers. With winning the hearts of over two hundred customer organizations and with a team of three hundred plus employees, every day, Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited is contributing to the economic and technological advancement of the country by providing Integrated Information Technology Solutions to business organizations, complemented with the largest support services infrastructure in Pakistan and highly competent support personnel.

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Products & Services

Infrastructure Solutions

Under the umbrella of Infrastructure Solutions, Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited thrives to offer a full range of integrated Information Technology solutions that includes servers, storage, datacenter & infrastructure, virtualization, cloud computing, workstations, video conferring and WAN optimization.












Customer Services

Backing the hardware and software offerings is the customer support service that offers service level agreements, managed services, & project management.

Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited has the most extensive countrywide support infrastructure and its customers can enjoy services like mission critical support, 24/7 support, warranty support, help desk services, resident engineer services, hardware & software deployment services, & complete Information Technology outsource to name a few. These, along with well managed inventory and competent human capital, enable Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited to extend the most comprehensive and responsive services to its customers in order to meet their mission critical business goals.








Jaffer Consulting

Jaffer Consulting a Gold Partner of Oracle in Pakistan, and enjoys the position of one of the leading and oldest implementation partner of Oracle in Pakistan. It provides licensing, implementation, support services and training solutions for Oracle applications, Coretech, Middleware and Cloud. It has a Competitive Advantage: Inception of technology solutions before commercialization.

It has an experienced Enterprise Resource Planning team (experienced consultants in premise and cloud based technology for Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Human Resources Management System and Customer Relationship Management applications.

Jaffer Consulting has established a proven track record of delivering the most successful Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. Its business philosophy is to provide end-to-end Information Technology solutions using the most advanced tools, resources and relevant technologies. It offers a complete set of technology:

  • Applications
  • Tools
  • Databases




JBS Devices

JBS Devices has been recently introduced to address the industry’s need for innovative hardware and software products and services, addressing a range of technology needs. We aim to dominate the IT e-commerce market with years of experience in procuring & delivering the best IT hardware products and services.

We are driven by a mission to evolve into a full-fledged reseller and integrator of IT hardware & applications, offering specific services in upgrading computer systems and revamping complete IT infrastructures. Through our tech-savvy consultants and professionals, we are committed to moving forward with the support of our clients.

We cater to a very diverse clientele; from organizations dealing in communications, education, legal, and manufacturing to healthcare, defense, financial services, government, and more. Based on your IT Hardware requirements, we provide you with a range of options from top brands such as HP, Samsung, Dell, Microsoft, and Lenovo at competitive pricing.


Blutech Consulting (A Company of Jaffer Business Systems)

Blutech Consulting is data Analytics Company of Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited. The core business of Blutech Consulting is to provide services around data management, business analytics and big data on Hadoop ecosystem. The services are on customer premises and also on cloud.

Blutech’s vision is to simplify the complexities. From setting up the right platforms to implementing the right tools and technologies, we provide a complete big data roadmap that on one hand helps IT department to efficiently manage big data platform at low costs and on the other hand enables business users to ask the right questions from the data, enable competitive edge and make informed decisions.

Blutech is the only company in Pakistan who is making a lot of investments in the area of big data. We have setup analytical lab in house to build use cases and products that can solve lot of problems faced by local and international market.

We don’t sell technology and we don’t do Information Technology projects. We do business projects and we solve business problems. In our eyes, business is the one to decide where to go while Information Technology takes them on a drive and that’s why we belong to both business and Information Technology in different perspectives.

Jaffer Business Systems (Private) Limited has acquired Blutech Consulting with a vision to encourage and support the startup ventures in the country.


Hysab Kytab (A Company of Jaffer Business Systems)

Hysab Kytab is a technology company that provides digital solutions through a suite of financial management and consumer products.

Hysab Kytab consumer app is a user-friendly mobile app that offers a platform to manage an individuals’ financial activities. It encapsulates the individual’s spending, saving and budgeting information and produces a 360-degree view which enables them to always stay on top of their finances. Hysab Kytab’s consumer app has over 400,000+ users from over 160 countries, who have clocked 7 Million+ transactions in Hysab Kytab.

Hysab Kytab PFM is a white-labeled personal finance management solution, which is a fully customizable and secure wealth management product. It can seamlessly integrate into bank’s existing core banking applications and helps banks maximize and optimize their revenues per branch, per customer and sell more products to more customers many times.

At Hysab Kytab, we want to help people with all their money matters and connect businesses to the right people.



ENA Pakistan (A Company of Jaffer Business Systems)

Energy N Automation (Pvt.) Ltd. (ENA) is a startup, founded in 2016, with a vision to connect and power the business world. It powers the business world, with the latest hybrid technologies, which are fuel-efficient, cost-effective, and significantly contribute to a Green Environment by reducing carbon footprints and fuel consumption, thus redefining Power and Connectivity. ENA offers IoT and Power solutions to businesses with a greater focus on the financial and telecommunication sector. ENA’s mission is to connect the world through IoT and contribute to a greener world

Jaffer Business Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. as part of its vision 2030 acquired ENA in April 2021 thus providing the right platform to significantly support their goals for scale, excellence, and innovation, thus contributing to the Group business.

ENA's journey in Jaffer Group has just started and is on its way to revolutionizing Pakistan’s business world through its IoT and power solutions through innovation and impeccable service.


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