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Our Fellow Karachiites and Well-Wishers,

Jaffer Group is extremely touched and grateful to you for your concerns regarding the incident at the Citi Tower building, due to the heavy downpour and strong winds, where a part of the building exterior façade detached.

Yesterday around 3:45 pm during the rainfall, some of the cladding on the east side of the building detached and fell to the ground and surrounding areas. We are immensely thankful that this did not result in any damage or injury to any person or property. We are also extremely touched by the number of people who reached out to us, our customers, our partners, our friends, from across the country and the world to ensure that we were unharmed and alright.
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Jaffer has been a pioneer in introducing new technologies in Pakistan in the agriculture sector and the most recent one is introduction of Mechanized Rice Sowing and Harvesting Machines for rice farmers. In Pakistan, rice is cash crop that brings in a significant share of the foreign exchange into the country and the mechanized sowing and harvesting will add great value to the farmer in terms of output, thus contributing to the economy.

Machinery Division of Jaffer has entered into a partnership with a leading Korean manufacturer with plants in Korea and China for importing the Transplanters in Pakistan. Currently the following three types of machines are being offered to the rice farmers from the ready stock for the current season:

  1. Riding Type of Transplanters
  2. Walk after Transplanters
  3. Seedling Machine



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Today a COVID - 19 awareness session was conducted by Murshid Hospital & Health Care Center (MHHCC) Team at Jaffer Group Head office at Karachi. Other locations were also connected through VC to participate in the session. It was an hour and a half session which gave some important and critical insights to the audience about the virus itself and also the precautionary methods to be adopted for safety. Hand washing is a major precaution for this virus and a video was shown for effective hand washing.

A panel of professionals from MHHCC was present to address the questions and concerns of the audience. The panel consisted of Ms. Salma Tariq – Quality Assurance Manager, who covered the main presentation, also accompanying were Ms. Rubina - Microbiologist, Mr. John Nawab - Vice Principle School of Nursing & Midwifery & Senior Nursing Faculty, Mr. Amir Shareef - Deputy Night Administrator & Senior Nurse, Dr Munazza, Dr.Sohaib Ali, Dr Amir Fatima - Mana Read More

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