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The Projects & Machinery Division along with the strong support of its Partner M/S Mabey Bridges Limited, U.K. completed the supply and installation of a 137 meter long Delta Bridge on December 9th, 2018 at Sapper Shaheed Bridge Skardu in a record time of 30 days!

The Mabey Delta Bridge was supplied to Frontier Works Organization (FWO) for building the bridge as a part of the Jaglot - Skardu road project. The project was completed at Kachura on Indus River, under the supervision of engineers from Mabey who stayed at the site to ensure Read More

Projects & Machinery Division of Jaffer Group cordially invites you to the 14th Build Asia – International Building Materials & Construction Machinery Show taking place at Karachi Expo Center from December 15th – 17th


Come, see and learn about the world renowned brands represented by Jaffer Brothers, physically see the world renowned Komatsu Hydraulic Excavator & Power Curbers Slip Form Paver as well as find out about the readily stocked machines!!!!


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Trainers from Komatsu Middle East Dubai Training Center conducted a three day training program in beginning December for a prominent cement industry customer for the Komatsu PC1250SP-8R Excavators, the biggest machines in the Pakistan cement industry.

Theoretical training was conducted in a classroom followed by a practical hands on session on the machine. Further sessions were held with the customer’s maintenance and workshop staff to cover maintenance management and machine structure & function followed by hands-on troubleshooting. The full training session was provided completely free of cost to the entire satisfaction of the customer.

Komatsu and Jaffer Brothers prides itself in ensuring that top class product support and training is provided to all its stake holders.

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Jaffer Brothers value the concept of coaching and continuous learning within their teams in order to keep enhancing their productivity. To develop and inculcate good Coaching Skills within their JASPL Sales Team, a training session was organized for their Team Leads on “Coaching Skills” conducted by Mr. Sabahat Latif (Keystone Training Institute) at Hotel One, Multan on 12th November, 2018.

This is in continuity of last two sessions of training arranged for their teams. This session was well received by the participants and now onwards they will be acting as their Coach and Mentor to help and achieve their team targets effectively and efficiently.

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Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited. organized a fertilizer Dealers' Convention for its Nutraful Club Dealers from 12th October to 14th October 2018, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban. It was a wonderful gathering of 106 participants including fertilizer dealers from all over the country and Jaffer Agro Services team.

The CEO Mr. Pierre Louis Dupont kicked off the event and Mr. Hassan Imam, the Country Manager JAS,  lead the ceremony to a highly stimulating business extravaganza. Taking the opportunity to interact with the customers Mr. Dupont gave a brief introduction about the businesses under the umbrella of Jaffer Group of Companies and milestones achieved by Jaffer Agro Services in 70 successful years of service.

After the introduction, the ceremony moved on to the presentation about the products, its widespread benefits for farmers and dealers and the efforts that was put into its development by Jaffer Agro.

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Jaffer Brothers value their employees and want them to feel confident about improving their efficiency and productivity, as well as finding new ways towards personal development and success. To develop and inculcate good selling skills in our Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited Sales Team, training sessions were organized on “Basic Selling Skills” conducted by Mr. Sabahat Latif at Hotel One, Multan on 5th- 6th and 20th – 21st October, 2018 respectively for two different group of employees.

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“You cannot control other people’s attitude but you can control yours. So make it a good one”

Having a pleasing personality does not only refer to physical features but more towards, the way you present yourself. An individual who is keen listener, speaks confidently, has a positive mindset and is emotionally strong is said to possess a great personality.

Jaffer Brothers organized a workshop on “Personal Branding” conducted by Mr. Baseer Sami for its employees at Grand Regent Hotel, Faisalabad on 3rd & 4th October 2018. This workshop helped our employees in learning the importance and impact of Body Language, Effective Communication Skills, Mindset, Emotional Control, Time Management, and Confidence in their everyday life.

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Jaffer Agro Services organized a high-profile farmer meeting on September 28, 2018, in Bhakkar territory of D.G. Khan region.

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss potential sugar beet crop and also launching of new broad leave herbicide for sugar beet crop TIAN DOUSHOU. Technical Manager – Aamir Majeed and Head of Technical and Business Development – Dr. Maqbool Ahmed addresses briefly about the new herbicide and Nutraful Fertilizer (PGPB Fortified) to a total of sixty-eight participants which also includes high profile farmers of sugar beet crop along with two Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited fertilizer dealers and management staff of AL-Moiz.

The feedback received form farmers were positive and all were highly motivated to use these products and while expressing their view all farmers agreed that these types of meetings are very fruitful and appreciated the effort of Jaffer Agro Services regarding their services Read More


Jaffer Agro Services recently visited University of Agriculture Faisalabad to conduct a recruitment drive. The purpose of this visit was to create awareness among the students about the career opportunities at Jaffer Ago Services. The students appeared in aptitude test & interviews conducted by the team in the field of Agriculture Sciences & Agriculture Engineering.

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Injuries and illnesses kill about 2.2 million people in the world each year

It is essential to react quickly and efficiently recognize a wide range of life threatening emergencies in order to save a life during accidents. Jaffer Group being a socially responsible corporate group, firmly believes in a healthy, safe and a conducive environment. To ensure this, a training session was held for our employees at head office, Karachi on 25th September, 2018 on “Basic Life Support and First Aid Training” in order to provide them basic knowledge on primary support practices that should be conducted at different situation in order to save a life till health care services arrive.

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