Contract Management Training​

A two-day training session on "Contract Management" was organized from the platform of Jaffer Executive Development Centre (JEDC) in Karachi on August 3rd & 4th, 2022. The session was conducted by Mr. Mustafa Kamal, an established trainer, and Founder of Engenius Executive Education.

Mr. Kamal is a Business Acumen Expert, Leadership Coach, Experienced Finance Professional, and Founder of Engenius Executive Education. He helps managers to understand their businesses better through a simulation so they can focus on the organization's purpose and connect it to the bottom line. The session was attended by 13 participants from Jaffer Engineering Services, Machinery Division, Jaffer Business Systems (Pvt.) Ltd. & Group Supply Chain.

​The workshop was customized to enhance the understanding of the contracts management process; from the creation through to execution, and eventually termination or renewal. The feedback from the audience was very positive.

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