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Our Mission

Focused participation in national and regional development projects by strengthening and enhancing our internal and external resources in the areas of energy, water, health, education, communication, mining, industrial plants, environmental engineering, safety and security.

Executed Projects List

Jaffer Engineering Services is strategic division of Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, which over the decades has completed projects of national importance. Division not only served the external customers through its representations (Business Development Services for Foreign Principals / Partners) and EPC Turnkey solutions but also lead company’s internal investments.

Company’s investment experience over the years help the company to strategically diverse its revenue stream and keeping the experience resource pool which enable it to serve its customers in a better manner. Major investments over the year taken up by Jaffer Group are Pakistan Fertilizer Company Limited, Jaffer Industrial Corporation, Pakistan Garage Private Limited, National Cable Company Private Limited, National Insecticides Company (Private) Limited and Miracle Water.

Currently Jaffer Engineering Services is offering vide range of services from concept to completion. Range of services include Business Development for Principals and Manufacturers, Project Development, Project Management Consultancy Services, Turnkey EPC Solution for Power, Alternate Energy, Oil & Gas, and FMCG Sector, Maintenance, Infrastructure, Aviation, Railways, Pre-engineered Buildings, Building Exterior (Aluminium Composite Panels), Conveying Systems, Education and Health.



Engineering Services

Business Development for Principals and Manufacturers

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited has long history of developing projects for Principals, Contractors, Manufacturers and new potential entrants in Pakistan. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited has some remarkable success stories in bringing the best to Pakistan in terms of technologies, equipment, software and construction including many other portfolios. Group represented some of the world-renowned manufacturers and partners over the year like Canadian Marconi Company of Canada (leading manufacturer of Communication Equipment, Westinghouse Electric S.A Switzerland (Power Generation), Electroputere SA- Romania, Electron Breda B.V. Holland and Allied insulator UK.

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited's Services as Business Development Partner for Principal and Manufacturer are:

  • Preparing market survey and Identifying the right projects.
  • Market and promote the product/services.
  • Preparing Cost Estimation for local services
  • Identification of appropriate local partners (if required)
  • Liaison with local regulators and departments.
  • Expert Contractual Reviews and Negotiations.
  • Supply of management, skilled and semi-skilled manpower.

Project Development

With a comprehensive approach to project development Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited keep all processes in-house through its professional project development & management experts to ensure the success of projects by maintaining the constraints of Time, Cost, Quality and Scope in effective & efficient manner.

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited with its strong commitment stands with its clients, principals, partners and subcontractors not until the completion of projects but ensure its presence for all stakeholders afterwards whenever required.

The processes we carry for project development services include conducting feasibility studies, technology selection, techno-commercial development, project management, regulatory applications and permitting, engineering, and operations and maintenance plans. Jaffer Group rich experience of putting investment into reality is our key to success which we share with our partners. The In-house resources helped us to undertake preparing feasibility report for Gomal Zam Dam Project for Coyne-Et- Bellier-France.

We offer to our partners:

  • Assistance in preparation of proposal for obtaining Letter of Intent (LOI) from concerned authorities.
  • Assistance in preparation of petition for the respective Regulatory Authorities for obtaining Generation License & Tariff.
  • Provision of technical assistance during negotiations with Power Purchaser for size, fuel and technology of the proposed plant.
  • Preparation of Techno Economic Feasibility Report
  • Preparation of pre-qualification documents e.g. RFQ, RFP
  • Preparation of Detail Project Report for Lenders
  • Preparation of EPC Technical Specifications
  • Project Management/Construction Services
  • Technical, financial and commercial due diligence for merger and acquisition transactions
  • Operation and Maintenance.

Project Management Consultancy

Whether you are an owner, contractor or investor, you need to deal with a range of requirements during every phase of your project. Our Project Management Consultancy Services provide you with comprehensive supervision on all phases of projects from initiation to closing of the project – no matter the size or location.

As a single point of contact or as part of an integrated management team with the customer, we apply PMC best practices and management skills developed through our diversified experiences of projects, to assist our customers in achieving their business objectives. From the Technology & Licensor selection phase to the management of multinational consortia in the execution & successful delivery of lump-sum turnkey projects, JBL has the required project management experience and its goal is to be its customers’ PMC contractor of choice.

Our experience in Project Management Consultancy Services was demonstrated on the Largest IT project in Pakistan in which we created data base of 65 million citizens of Pakistan and printed Electoral rolls for Local bodies’ elections. Project was awarded on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis, which included data server and IT infrastructure in nine different cities along with hiring and managing team of 9000 personal on a 24 x 7 basis, Creating Urdu data entry and Data base capabilities, including Urdu printing on high speed DP 180 printers.

We believe doing Project Management the Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited way, ensures customers can manage their project risks in a pro-active way and achieve their business objectives.

Power Projects Services

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is a leading and prime contributor to providing Electrical Power solutions and Equipment required for the power/energy market in Pakistan by having some more than 40 years of old association with WAPDA/NTDC/K-Electric and other private sectors. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited completed its first Turnkey Projects of 66 kV Grid Stations for KESC in Technical Collaboration of Electron Breda B.V. Holland during year 1983.

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited offers its expertise in Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Electrical Infrastructure services on Engineering, Procurement & Construction or Procurement & Construction or Construction only basis. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is establishing its remarkable position in the power industry through the skills and experience of its power/energy experts and a solid company commitment to high quality services by having a strong association with its international and domestic design houses/ technology partners and Construction Experts. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited always strives its best to exceed clients’ expectations by focusing on quality, value additions and schedules commitments. Contributing to the success of our customers’ projects right from feasibility stage to full-scope implementation is the key potential in all of our assignments.

The services can be acquired in full packaged form or in a customized shape as per need of the customers as Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is completely flexible to meet the demand and requirements of its valued clients as of; Project Feasibility studies, Front End Engineering Designs, Detailed Engineering Services, Project Estimations, Planning, Procurement, Techno-commercial Evaluations, Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Services, Erections / Installations and Testing & Commissioning along with the O&M services if required.

Segment we are serving:

  • 132 kV, 220 kV and 500 kV Grid Stations and Transmission Lines projects on EPC / turnkey basis with reliable OEMs.
  • Housing Colony Electrical Infrastructure works (HT/LT Overhead and Underground Network).
  • Cement Plant Electrical & Instrument Installation, Testing & Commissioning works.
  • Process Industries and Power Plant electrical works.
  • FMCG Plants Electro-Mechanical works.
  • HFO/Diesel Based Power Plant on Turnkey Basis.
  • Bagasse Based Power Plant on Turnkey Basis
  • Building Management Systems.

Alternate Energy Solutions

Jaffer Group is highly focused on current market demands of alternate energy solutions which include Solar Power Solutions, Hydro Power Solutions & Wind Energy Solutions. JBL has executed more than 2MW of Solar Solutions in Pakistan and has a capacity to provide up to 100MW of power generation as one unit.

JBL has very strong technology partners from China & Europe to meet the customers’ requirements though it is for Solar, Hydel and/or Wind. We along with our technology partners are working on hybrid power solutions which is combining the Wind & Solar energy solutions to achieve the maximum energy generation from the nature’s granted potential.

  • EPC Contractor for Solar Power Projects
  • EPC Contractor for Hydro Power Projects
  • E & M Contractor for Hydro Power (Water to Wire Contracts)

JBL is already approved net metering contractor by AEDB.

Maintenance Services

JBL team provide complete maintenance services to our customers depending on nature of project and scope. Currently we are providing services to following segment and sectors:

  • Services during Annual Turn Around
  • Long term (one to two years) Manpower Supply Contract for Management, Skilled and Semi-Skilled Staff. (Could provide more than 400-500 manpower from different crafts).
  • Management Staff:
    • Certified QA/QC person
    • Certified HSE Person
    • Shift In-charges
    • Maintenance (Head Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation) 
    • Welding superintends
    • Refractory superintends
  • Skilled Resource:
    • Welders
    • Millwrights
    • Electrical technicians
    • Instrument technicians
    • Riggers
    • Scaffolding
    • Refractory Mason, Lathe machine operator
    • Fork lift operator
    • Crane operator
    • Genie Operator
  • Semi-Skilled Resource:
    • Fitters
    • Helpers
    • Supply of crane and equipment
    • Supply Chain Management (Supply of material, consumable etc)
    • Payroll Management
    • Consultancy services for arrangement of consultants related to taxation, legal etc.
    • Security management of inside perimeter

Industrial Sectors


Infrastructure is one of key area where Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is providing services to various customers since last many decades.

  • Barrages (Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, assisted Korimoto for Replacement of Gates at Taunsa Barrage)
  • Mabey Bridges United Kingdom, is our partner for Steel Bridges.
  • Häring AG – Switzerland, is our partner for Wooden Bridges, Buildings, Dooms (Bionic Structures - Ensphere®) 
  •  ALUCOBOND® Innovative Building Façade Solution (Aluminium Composite Panels)


Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is working in aviation industry since last ten years and has provided services on all the major airports within Pakistan. With qualified technical team Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited has successfully supplied and installed following equipment,

  • Navigational Aid (NAVAID)
  • Supply installation of Airfield Lighting System (AFLS)
  • Supply of different type of lightings
  • Advance Visual Docking Guidance System (AVDGS)
  • Disable Aircraft Recovery System and Radars at different Airports.

Our Partners are Thales – France, ATG – United Kingdom, FMT – Sweden, Guinault & Lebrun – France and Deschamps – France.


Jaffer Brother (Private) Limited is working for water treatment and supply projects since last many decades. The company is actively involved in partnering with world leading technology providers to provide the best to its customers. From being the Prime Contractor to subcontractor, Jaffer Brother (Private) Limited contributed to projects of national importance.

Sewage Treatment Plant at Hayatabad Town for Peshawar Development Authority, Water Supply Project at Abbottabad. Construction of more than hundred tube well rooms and allied electrical works for WASA Lahore. Completion of WASA Lahore project of replacement of Pumps though EBARA and maintenance of water lagoon (with reinforced earth wall) for Surface Water Treatment Plant at Faisalabad for WASA Faisalabad are some of our contributions to water sector.

Company represent Kubota Pumps Japan which with the help of Jaffer Brother (Private) Limited, was able to develop significant footprint in Pakistan like KWSB Projects and Faisalabad Pumping Station for WASA Faisalabad.

Our water supply experience include water supply from Khanpur to Islamabad and Simly Dam to Islamabad Projects.

Prefabricated Structures

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited provides a complete turnkey / supply only services to our customers for Pre-fabricated solution. Our exclusive partner M/S XuZhou ZM-Besta Heavy Steel Structure Co. Limited, has five manufacturing bases in China with the total annual processing capacity of about 150,000 tons of steel structure and 250,000 tons of space frames.

Main Products

  • Space Frame-Dome Shed
  • Space Frame-Arch Shed
  • Multiple-High-Rise Building
  • Truss Trestle Bridge
  • Stadium & Gymnasium
  • Airports

Construction & Material Handling

Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited, through its exclusive Principal, Tidfore Heavy Equipment Group from China, has the capability to undertake complete Coal / Cement Handling projects on Engineering, Procurement and Construction basis. The Principal also has capability to arrange financing from Chinese banks, depending on the customer’s financing requirements.

Tidfore has already supplied two Coal Handling Stacker Reclaimer machines at Power Plant at Thar, and owns in-house manufacturing of complete systems which can be customized according to the user’s requirement.

As the construction partner, Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited offers inhouse Civil, Mechanical and Electrical construction services to potential customers. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited employs qualified Project and Planning Managers, who can handle projects from inception to final commissioning.

Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas sector has always remained the center of attraction for Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited. Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is working in this sector and providing services to the Public and Private sector companies since last twenty years.

  • Exploration and Consultancy.
    • Provision of Drilling Rigs Spares through its Partner.
    • Consultancy for Establishment of Hydro Carbon Laboratory Services, Supply of equipment for Hydro Carbon Laboratory.
    • Seismic Data Acquisition & Processing. 
    • 2D / 3D seismic data acquisition. 
  • Process Skids and Equipment.
    • Process Packages.
    • Fuel Gas Skid.
    • Modular Plant Design.
    • Flow Metering System. 
    • Pig Launcher.
    • Gas Dehydration Unit.
    • Air Cooler. 
    • Pumps. 
    • LNG Pipelines, Valves and Fittings. 
  • Laying of Gas Pipe line. 
  • Construction Services. 
  • Tank Farms. 
  • Fuel Marking.


Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is working with different universities, educational institutes and technical and vocational training institutes for supply, installation / commissioning of following equipment / machinery through our different partners from China, Taiwan, Europe and United States of America.

  • Laboratory Equipment of different labs.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Lab equipment.
  • Computer numerical control (CNC)  Machines,
  • Lathe Machines for technical institutes.
  • Wood working machinery for vocational institutes


Railway is the one of the sectors in which Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited offers different services and participate in different projects with potential principals and solution providers.

Following are the main focus areas in which Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is already working,

  • Supply of Locomotive
  • Passenger Coaches
  • Rail Track Maintenance
  • Construction Equipment
  • Signaling Systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Bridges


Jaffer Brothers (Private) Limited is part of major projects, where it provided medical equipment’s to various hospitals and medical research institutions under various grants and funds from within Pakistan and Abroad.



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