Tecamin Max

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Product Category: Micro Nutrients -Amino Acids
Active ingredient: Amino Acids (from Vegetal Extracts)
Target Crops: Cotton, Vegetables & Fruits


Product Overview:
Tecamin Max is extracted from Vegetables. It contains Amino Acids and other natural nutrients which provides the nutrition and energy to plant resulting in development of plant vigor, increase in flowering, Fruiting and ultimately in Crop yield.


Mode of Action:

  • Tecamin Max contains Amino Acids, which are the building blocks/synthesizer of proteins. All the living organisms are developed with proteins.
  • In case of any A. biotic pressure, consumption of Amino acids increases in plant resulting in the decrease in quantity of naturally available Amino acids in plant/ affecting the protein synthesis process. In these conditions plant required the supplementary Amino acids to overcome its nutrition deficiency and resume its growth.
  • Tecamin Max not only resumes the development of proteins in plant by providing it Amino acids but also helps the plant to uptake the available nutrients from soil.


Key Benefits:

  • Prevent the plant from stress if mixed with hard pesticides which provide the stress to plant
  • Enhance tolerance in stress conditions.
  • Provides nutrition and energy to plant
  • Efficient nutrient uptake
  • Activates Plant growth
  • Improves plant growth/Vigor, increase flowering & Fruiting
  • Increased retention of flowers and fruits.
  • Improves yield quality
  • Significant increase in yield.
  • More profits


Method/Timing of Application:
• Can be tank mixed with any pesticide at any crop stage

Crop Timing of Application Dose per acre (per Spray)
Cotton Spray after 45-50 days of germination for stress management. Repeat the spray after 10-15 days. 500 ml

Onion, Garlic, Potato, Carrot, Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Peas

Spray after 15, 30, 45 and 60 days after germination. 500 ml
Tomato/Chilli/Cucumber Spray after germination/ nursery transplantation, repeat the second spray after 10- 15 days. 500 ml
Musk Melon/Water Melon At growth stage 1-2 sprays, 1st spray before flowering, 2nd spray at fruit development stage 500 ml
Tobacco Spray after nursery transplantation, repeat the spray after 14 days 500 ml
Citrus Spray at new leaves emergence stage ,before flowering , after fruit development and at fruit growth stage 300 ml per 100 liter water
Mango/ Guava Spray at new leaves development stage ,before flowering , after fruit development and at fruit growth stage 300 ml per 100 liter water
Grapes Spray at 10-15cm long shoots, repeat spray when fruit size is 4-6mm and 6-8 mm. 300 ml per 100 liter water


Tecamin Max is available in 1 lit pack.





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