Great News for Customers : Solupotash is available in New Packing with Jaffer Quality Seal 


Solupotash is a leading WS SOP brand of Pakistan introduced by Jaffer Agro Services (JAS). The product is being used across Pakistan by thousands of farmers as fruit development booster to improve their yield and quality of produce.

To further improve the look and quality of Solupotash packing JAS has introduced its new attractive packing with Jaffer quality seal. The purpose of pasting Jaffer Quality seal on product packing is to ensure the availability of original Solupotash to our valuable customers.


Features of Jaffer Quality Seal containing:

  • A color changing Jaffer monogram (Jaffer Logo change its color from orange to green on slight movement)
  • Die cut which tears the Quality Seal into small pieces if removed from the bag
  • The words “JAFFER AGRO SERVICES” are visible upon inspecting the seal by using a magnifying glass
  • A unique serial number on every seal


At the time of purchase don’t forget to check the presence of Jaffer quality seal on Solupotash pack. To review the New packing /Jaffer quality seal feature in Urdu see the attached flyer.





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