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May 2017 marked the spot for the JAS Annual Dealer Trip. JAS conducted its ADT with vigor and excitement as top dealers from around the country joined the company’s top management for a tour in Hungary and Austria. With three nights in Hungary and one in Vienna the tour definitely aroused excitement and energy. The trip kicked off with the group landing in Budapest on the 12th Of May 2017 and making their way to an Indian restaurant for some deliciously spicy cuisine. After the check-in at the Eurostar Hotel, a centrally located 4 star establishment in the heart of PEST, the group made their way for a cruise dinner on the River Danube. DAY II began with a city tour of BUDAPEST. The group travelled down the main avenues of Budapest. A historic look at Heroes' Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we head further to the enclosed city park, walked past imposing buildings and see the Széchenyi Bath and the Vajdahunyadvár Castle. Day III took the group to Read More

Jaffer Agro Services organized prize distribution ceremony of Nutraful Rice / Maize Farmers Contest 2017-18 at regions Lahore, Faisalabad, Sahiwal, Vehari, D.G. Khan, R.Y. Khan and Hyderabad from February 6, 2018 to February 12, 2018. Different prizes were distributed among winners of contest from all regions.

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Jaffer, being a socially responsible corporate group, firmly believes in health, safety and conducive environment. To ensure this, various measures are taken across the Group in making the society safe and better place to live.

Keeping health & safety as a top priority recently, a series of training session on “Defensive Driving” was conducted for field staff in Jaffer Agro Services by Mr. Umair Khan – HSE Officer which was attended by more than 130 employees at Rahim Yar Khan, Multan, Faisalabad, Lahore, Sahiwal and Hyderabad. This kind of workshop is a regular feature and refreshers are organized repeatedly.

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Our people are the Group’s biggest asset. One of the core values of Jaffer Group is to continuously help in the growth and development of our employees so that they are productive members of our Group and society. Recently, a workshop was conducted by Mr. Nasser Aziz on “Time Management, Planning & Field Execution” for field staff of High Efficiency Irrigation Systems, with the aim of transforming low quality time into high quality time for better results and delighted customers.

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The training was organized to train system operators of already installed drip irrigation projects in T.T. Singh. In this district specifically In Line systems are mostly installed which are more vulnerable to choking. Along with farmers, local Water Management Office field staffs like WMOs and superiors also participated in this training and their capacity related to drip system O and M was also enhanced. After class room training interested farmers were taken to nearby installed project of Ali Raza for practical demonstration of system operation and maintenance.

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A memorable night for Jaffer employees, as friendly Cricket Event was successfully organized by Human Resources Department for Jaffer Agro Services on 22nd September, 2018.

Employees showcased their sporting talent in a friendly yet competitive environment. Management supports healthy sporting activities in the organization and urged employees to continue such efforts.

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Jaffer Agro Services organized a high-profile farmer meeting on September 28, 2018, in Bhakkar territory of D.G. Khan region.

The main objective of this meeting was to discuss potential sugar beet crop and also launching of new broad leave herbicide for sugar beet crop TIAN DOUSHOU. Technical Manager – Aamir Majeed and Head of Technical and Business Development – Dr. Maqbool Ahmed addresses briefly about the new herbicide and Nutraful Fertilizer (PGPB Fortified) to a total of sixty-eight participants which also includes high profile farmers of sugar beet crop along with two Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited fertilizer dealers and management staff of AL-Moiz.

The feedback received form farmers were positive and all were highly motivated to use these products and while expressing their view all farmers agreed that these types of meetings are very fruitful and appreciated the effort of Jaffer Agro Services regarding their services Read More


Jaffer Agro Services recently visited University of Agriculture Faisalabad to conduct a recruitment drive. The purpose of this visit was to create awareness among the students about the career opportunities at Jaffer Ago Services. The students appeared in aptitude test & interviews conducted by the team in the field of Agriculture Sciences & Agriculture Engineering.

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Jin Teng (Dinotefuran+Pymetrozine) and Feiniao (Nitenpyram+Pymetrozine) was successfully launched on 19th July with the rigorous support and efforts of the Jaffer’s team.

The launch event was held in all Cotton Regions namely Multan, Vehari, DGK, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal and Gojra and few other important territories in Central Zone.

The participants of this launch included the Jaffer Club Dealers, our highly motivated team as well as our RM’s, TM’s, FO’s and the farmers to educate and train them about our new addition to Insecticides range. To spread more towards progressive farmers, each territory at least had one High Profile Meeting Seminar in all cotton areas. The team also organized Product Spot demo in all cotton territories to see the effect of the medicine.

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“You cannot control other people’s attitude but you can control yours. So make it a good one”

Having a pleasing personality does not only refer to physical features but more towards, the way you present yourself. An individual who is keen listener, speaks confidently, has a positive mindset and is emotionally strong is said to possess a great personality.

Jaffer Brothers organized a workshop on “Personal Branding” conducted by Mr. Baseer Sami for its employees at Grand Regent Hotel, Faisalabad on 3rd & 4th October 2018. This workshop helped our employees in learning the importance and impact of Body Language, Effective Communication Skills, Mindset, Emotional Control, Time Management, and Confidence in their everyday life.

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Jaffer Brothers value their employees and want them to feel confident about improving their efficiency and productivity, as well as finding new ways towards personal development and success. To develop and inculcate good selling skills in our Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited Sales Team, training sessions were organized on “Basic Selling Skills” conducted by Mr. Sabahat Latif at Hotel One, Multan on 5th- 6th and 20th – 21st October, 2018 respectively for two different group of employees.

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Jaffer Brothers value the concept of coaching and continuous learning within their teams in order to keep enhancing their productivity. To develop and inculcate good Coaching Skills within their JASPL Sales Team, a training session was organized for their Team Leads on “Coaching Skills” conducted by Mr. Sabahat Latif (Keystone Training Institute) at Hotel One, Multan on 12th November, 2018.

This is in continuity of last two sessions of training arranged for their teams. This session was well received by the participants and now onwards they will be acting as their Coach and Mentor to help and achieve their team targets effectively and efficiently.

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Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt) Limited. organized a fertilizer Dealers' Convention for its Nutraful Club Dealers from 12th October to 14th October 2018, at Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban. It was a wonderful gathering of 106 participants including fertilizer dealers from all over the country and Jaffer Agro Services team.

The CEO Mr. Pierre Louis Dupont kicked off the event and Mr. Hassan Imam, the Country Manager JAS,  lead the ceremony to a highly stimulating business extravaganza. Taking the opportunity to interact with the customers Mr. Dupont gave a brief introduction about the businesses under the umbrella of Jaffer Group of Companies and milestones achieved by Jaffer Agro Services in 70 successful years of service.

After the introduction, the ceremony moved on to the presentation about the products, its widespread benefits for farmers and dealers and the efforts that was put into its development by Jaffer Agro.

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“Great speakers are not born, they are trained”

Effective communication is extremely vital for the success of Business Professionals and their Organizations. We communicate all the time but are not trained to do so and that makes room for improvement.

Jaffer Brothers always tries to reduce communication barriers within and outside their boundaries. We also strive to help improve the weaknesses of our employees by equipping them with tools to use communication channels effectively. So a two days’ workshop was organized of our HEIS Sales Team over the topic “Effective Writing and Communication Skills” conducted by Ms. Sadia Asif (Center of Executive Education) at Grand Regent Hotel, Faisalabad on 11th – 12th January, 2019.

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Jaffer Agro Services organized an awareness campaign and series of training sessions on the topic of “Defensive Driving and Safe Bike Riding” in all its Regional Offices during the month of January, 2019 with the objective to inculcate habits of safe driving & bike riding in our staff and to ensure their safety along with the safety of people around them. The sessions was imparted by Muhammad Umair Khan – HSE Officer.

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Another memorable and enjoyable night was organized for Jaffer employees. A dinner followed by a friendly cricket match was organized by Human Resource department of Jaffer Agro Services Private Limited on 18th January, 2019 at Kutchi Memon Cricket Ground, Bahadurabad, Karachi.

Jaffer Group encourages a such friendly and competitive environment, so that its employee can grow and learn to work better as a team. The event was a huge success, leading employees to look forward for more such activities in the near future.

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HEIS (High Efficiency Irrigation Systems) took a little break from their usual business and spent 3 eventful days at the beautiful Serena, Faisalabad for its Annual Team Meet up 2019, with the aim to recalibrate and get charged for the year ahead.

Session kicked off with the theme revealed for the current year; BREAKING THE BARRIERS, followed by some ice breaker exercise to know the new entrants on the team better. Business Head, Mr. Shakeel Ahmed reviewed the team performance from last year, followed by each team within HEIS taking the stage and sharing their respective lessons learnt from last year in the form of case studies.

Team HEIS also squeezed in a little play time in between the jam packed meetup agenda and keeping the World Cup fever alive,  took over the hotel ground for a late night Cricket tournament. Team Sindh ended up taking the trophy home.

Group had multiple session to revise and discuss internal work processes. Few members Read More

Pakistan Agriculture Technology Transfer Activity (PATTA) which is a United States agency for International Development (USAID) aimed at addressing some of the leading causes of agriculture productivity shortfall in Pakistan; recently organized its Agricultural Technology Awareness Demonstration event in Sadiqabad; Rahim Yar Khan. The purpose of this demonstration event which is part of a series of similar events; is to connect smallholder farmers to all the latest, affordable and impactful solutions in the agriculture industry and ultimately help them in improving their productivity and the resulting economic returns.

Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt.) ltd participated in the event showcasing its High Efficiency Irrigation Systems Technology and Nurtaful Fertilizers range. The event was attended by 55-60 farmers who were educated about the importance of optimized use of water and fertilizer through enhanced irrigation efficiency.

Jaffer Agro Services exhibition st Read More

Jaffer HEIS Team once again came together in high spirits for its 4th Annual Meetup on 16th of August 2020. This event is well awaited by the team every year. This year the celebration was a little different, due to the onset of COVID 19 pandemic, the entire team rather than coming over at one venue, gathered in their respective regions, precisely on 8 different locations. The entire team sported a white T-shirt/shirt to convey solidarity in these unprecedented times. The safety precautions and social distancing protocols were well observed throughout the event. Making use of collaboration technology, MS Teams the regional teams connected with each other in an interactive and engaging setup. The meetup agenda was directed from the Head Office in Karachi.
Our full day of informative and engaging sessions started with a keynote speech from our Group Chairman Mr. Nasser Jaffer followed by an insightful talk from our COO Mr. Nadir Jaffer. Our Bu Read More

Training workshop has been arranged by HEIS team regarding the Chemical Treatment (Acidification + Chlorination) of Drip Irrigation System

Location: Water Management Research Farm, Renala Khurd, District Okara

Attendees: WMOs, ADAs, Supervisors of Water Management Department

Trainer: Engr. Hafiz Inaam Hussain - Area Manager (HEIS) Okara


Chemical and Apparatus Used:

  1. Sulphuric Acid 96%concentrated for acidification
  2. Bleaching Powder for chlorination
  3. PH Paper
  4. Measuring Beaker
  5. Surgical syringe


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An annual meetup of the HEIS team was held at the Royal Swiss Hotel Lahore in August. It was a three days event to get together, interact, and celebrate the performance, hard work, and determination of the teams despite the Covid-19 threat, while ensuring compliance of the SOPs. The HEIS team faced a lot of hardships due to Covid restrictions which did not impact their resolve to continue their efforts and showcase their best to contribute to the uplift of the farming community.

The theme for the event was, breaking new barriers with cutting edge technology, innovation and integrating team efforts to inspire the customers and teams for continued excellence.

The event kicked off with a tribute to late Mr. Mehmood Sheikh, who was one of the founding members of the HEIS team and served the HEIS business diligently for more than a decade. He was Manager Agronomy when he passed away. He will be greatly missed.

There were various elements in the event, Read More

The video is a journey of HEIS and the significant role they have been playing in addressing one of the most pressing issues of Pakistan; the water shortage!

Jaffer High Efficiency Irrigation Systems focuses on providing the best services and solutions for conserving water and increasing the yield. We remain committed to fulfilling our obligation in ensuring a more sustainable and prosperous Pakistan

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To develop the ability to communicate well and convey ideas and feelings effectively, a workshop on Communication Skills was held in November 2021 at the Jaffer Group Head Office in Karachi. The duration of the workshop was 4 half days.​

"Being able to communicate effectively is perhaps the most important of all life skills. It is what enables us to pass information to other people and to understand what is said to us”.

This workshop was specially designed based on pre-assessment for junior to mid-level professionals and covered categories i.e. Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. The major focus was to improve the participants' English language proficiency. Dr. Qaiser Hussain, a Ph.D. in English Linguistics, conducted the training. He specializes in "Anxiety in speaking English as a second language among adult English language learners".

The workshop address Read More

A three-day Advance MS Excel workshop was recently organized by the Jaffer Agro Services HR at the Head office, Karachi. Mr. Aasim Alee, an experienced and dynamic corporate trainer with sound knowledge of the subject conducted the training. The session was specifically designed for basic to intermediate level professionals to understand and grasp the advanced level Excel features.

The training was comprehensive and gave hands-on exposure to the participants on all Excel options and reporting tools, acquiring the capability to perform their Excel routine job more efficiently and accurately. The participants also learned the tips to make professional reports and dashboards. The session was an effective platform that unleashed the power of the hidden features of Excel and offered solutions to the participants regarding the reporting problems & analysis techniques etc.

Mr. Pierre L. Dupont, Vice Chairman Jaffer Agro Services was present at the concluding ce Read More

The Jaffer Agro Services sales team attended a two-day workshop on “Basic Selling Skills” held on January 14th & 15th, 2022 at Avalon Hotel, Multan. It was a full two-day training specifically designed for the new Territory Managers and a few Regional Managers from the sales team. The purpose of the session was to make the participants fully effective in their roles and to guide them on enhancing their sales productivity. ​ ​

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Sabahat Latif, a well-known name in the agriculture industry for training thousands of sales staff. ​ ​

The workshop also explained the correct method for conducting farmer meetings and sales calls. It was an interactive workshop with many engaging group activities. The trainer also shared videos followed by discussions for learning sales techniques and addressing the real-life issues they face in the field.​ ​

Mr. Abdul Hameed, Head of Sales, Jaffer Agro Services Read More

At Jaffer Group, SAFETY is one of the most important core values. The Group continues to take initiatives to conduct awareness sessions to effectively deal with safety and security emergencies.

In line with the SAFETY value, the HSSE department conducted training sessions for HEIS field teams on Wednesday, January 26, 2022, at the Jaffer Agro Services Multan office. The sessions were conducted by Mr. Waqar Ali Soomro – Group Senior HSSE Officer who has trained over 300 employees since November 2021.

The workshop covered Rescuer Basic Life Support (BLS) Sequence, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) techniques for different age groups including infants, children, and adults, recognition of signs for CPR, and choking relief for different age groups. The session also addressed the chemical reactions of FIRE, and the usage of Fire Extinguisher with practical demonstration. Safe driving techniques, pre-start checks, adverse weather conditions, and traffic la Read More

The ties between Pakistan and Hungary are further strengthened with the formation of AquaHatch International (Pvt.) Ltd, a joint venture company of both countries, which has a foreign and local investment of $14 million to develop a freshwater ecosystem in Pakistan.

To further strengthen this business relationship, an event was held on February 23, 2022. The Minister of State and Chairman of the Board of Investment, Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, was present at the event as Chief Guest. Also present at the occasion were representatives from the partner, including Mr. Faisal Iftikhar, CEO AquaHatch International (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Ormos Andras from Vita Fort, Hungary, Mr. Istvan Grafjodi, Hungarian Commercial Counsellor in Pakistan, Mr. Fuad Garib, CEO Garibsons (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Nadir N. Jaffer, CEO Jaffer Agro Services (Pvt.) Ltd., Mr. Nasser N. Jaffer, Chairman Jaffer Group, and other top management of Jaffer Group & Garibsons.

The business partners of AquaHatch i Read More


Jaffer Agro Services launches a NEW BRANDING of its Agro Chemical products to further strengthen the Jaffer products brand in the agriculture market

The main highlights of the new packaging for better identification of the products are:

Color coding:

Each product category has been assigned a specific color code and all the products of a particular category (brands and/or generic) have the same color-coded packaging.


Logos have been developed for all brands for greater identification.

Brand Merging:

Some brands have been merged into one another for better brand equity such as: Bonus NPK 13:02:44 is now SoluPlant NPK 13:02:44 K-Leaf is now SoluPotash Foliar

QR Code:

Each product label has a QR code on the bottom left which when scanned will link the user to that product web page for more detai Read More

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