Strengthening the identity of JASPL Agro Chem Products with New Packaging


Jaffer Agro Services launches a NEW BRANDING of its Agro Chemical products to further strengthen the Jaffer products brand in the agriculture market

The main highlights of the new packaging for better identification of the products are:

Color coding:

Each product category has been assigned a specific color code and all the products of a particular category (brands and/or generic) have the same color-coded packaging.


Logos have been developed for all brands for greater identification.

Brand Merging:

Some brands have been merged into one another for better brand equity such as: Bonus NPK 13:02:44 is now SoluPlant NPK 13:02:44 K-Leaf is now SoluPotash Foliar

QR Code:

Each product label has a QR code on the bottom left which when scanned will link the user to that product web page for more detailed product information.

Organized Information:

All product information is well designed on the package for standardization and improved readability.


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