Launching Ceremonies of New Products Jin Teng & Feiniao

Jin Teng (Dinotefuran+Pymetrozine) and Feiniao (Nitenpyram+Pymetrozine) was successfully launched on 19th July with the rigorous support and efforts of the Jaffer’s team.

The launch event was held in all Cotton Regions namely Multan, Vehari, DGK, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal and Gojra and few other important territories in Central Zone.

The participants of this launch included the Jaffer Club Dealers, our highly motivated team as well as our RM’s, TM’s, FO’s and the farmers to educate and train them about our new addition to Insecticides range. To spread more towards progressive farmers, each territory at least had one High Profile Meeting Seminar in all cotton areas. The team also organized Product Spot demo in all cotton territories to see the effect of the medicine.

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