Fertigrain Start


Product Category: Micro Nutrients (Amino Acids - Seed Treatment)
Active ingredient: Amino Acids (Vegetal & Sea Weeds Extracts)
Target Crops: Cotton ,Wheat, Rice, Maize, Soya been, Sunflower, Mustard, Sorghum


Product Overview:
Fertigrain Start is extracted from Vegetables and sea weeds. It contains Amino Acids and other natural nutrients which provide the nutrition/energy to seed thus increase seeds germination percentage and provide a vigorous start to plant.


Mode of Action:

  • Fertigrain Start contains Amino Acids, which are the building blocks/synthesizer of proteins. All the living organisms are developed with proteins.
  • Fertigrain start has the excellent sticking ability to seed. After seed treatment with Fertigrain start, product will cover all the seed surface and after germination of root from the seed product will be immediately taken up by the plant, it provides the nutrition & energy to plant to emerge from the soil, improves root development.
  • Fertigrain Start is not only resumes the development of proteins in plant by providing it Amino acids but also helps the plant to uptake the available nutrients from soil.


Key Benefits:

  • Excellent sticking ability to seed
  • Increase in the percentage of seed germination
  • Increase inoculants viability
  • Improves root development, better flowering & fruiting
  • Provides nutrition and energy to seed
  • Provide Vigorous growth start to plant
  • Improves yield quality
  • Significant increase in yield.
  • More profits


Method/Timing of Application:

  • As per the recommendation on Label take the quantity of Fertigrain start and mix it in Water to make solution.
  • Spread this Fertigrain solution on seed
  • Two men hold the plastic sheet with their both hands and move it until the mixture stick on all seeds.
  • If seed is treated through Drum machine, first fill the machine with seeds and spread the Fertigrain Start solution on it then move the machine handle left and right atleast 20 -30 times until the mixture will stick on all seeds.
  • After the above process dry the seeds for 20-30 minutes under the shade.


Crop Seed Qty Fertigrain Start Dose Water Qty
Cotton 1 Kg 4 ml 10 ml
Wheat, Barley 1 Kg 2 ml 10 ml
Rice 1 Kg 2 ml 10 ml
Maize 1 Kg 3 ml 10 ml
Soya bean 1 Kg 2 ml 10 ml
Sorghum 1 Kg 4 ml 10 ml
Sunflower 1 Kg 4 ml 10 ml


Fertigrain Start is available in 500 ml pack.





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