Wokozim Crop Plus


Product Category: Bio Stimulants
Active Ingredient: SeaWeeds (Ascophyllum nodosum) Extract.


Product Overview:
Wokozim is an organic storehouse of naturally occurring nutrients derived from seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum), traditionally known for its rich possession of vital nutritional elements. Wokozim stimulates the natural physiological system of the plant by providing additional support of essential nutritional elements in all stages of plant growth.


The Technology:
Wokozim is biologically derived from Norwegian seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) with a special fermentation process developed and mastered by Biostadt, India. The dried granulated seaweed powder is a mixture of animal origin and products undergoes high-tech fermentation process through lactobacilli to yield ready to use free natural nutrients to be used as liquid bio fertilizer for foliar application.

It is different from other seaweed extract based products due to its uniqueness in terms of fermentation technique and blend of animal origin products.

The fermentation process helps in ensuring richness of free vital elements and thus ensuring faster absorption by the plant tissue on application. The novel production technique helps in maintaining assured availability of natural nutrients.


Mode of Action:
Wokozim is a storehouse of nutrients. The seaweed after fermentation releases enormous energy in the form of soluble nutrients, which are readily available to the plant.

Wokozim improves the health of the crop. It stimulates the crop growth by providing nutritional support to the plant at all the stages.It is composed of major components along with primary and secondary nutrients.

These compounds are naturally present in the plant in small amounts and play an important role in the overall growth and development of plant in all stages. The deficiency of any of the compounds at a vital stage influences the plant growth adversely and thus results in low productivity.

What Wokozim Does?
Wokozim-stimulates the crop growth by providing nutritional support to the plant at all critical stages by providing following components:

  • Wokozim-Cytokinins:
    • Helps in synthesizing enzymes & structural proteins.
    • Responsible for inducing root growth, cell development and cell elongation.
  • Wokozim-Auxins:
    • Increase chlorophyll content and enhance photosynthetic activity.
    • Delays senescence (ageing) and ensures continues flow of carbohydrate for developing fruit and wood formation.
  • Wokozim-Enzymes Hydrolysed Protein
    • Improves uptake of complex molecules from soil.
    • Improves soil microbial activity.
    • Induces faster and vigorous development of root mass.
    • Improves uptake of previously unavailable nutrients and water from soil.
    • Deep root growth also ensures that plants are able to cope with environmental stress.
  • Wokozim-Betaines:
    • Stimulants present in Wokozim reduces the intensity of oxidation reactions that damages cell structure. This limits the stress on the plant, enhances crop growth and improves overall health of the plant.
  • Wokozim-Primary & Secondary Nutrients:
    • Provides minerals and other nutrients required for the healthy development of plant Mo, B, Mn, Zn, Cu, Mg, Fe

Wokozim – Key Benefits:
Wokozim is an eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-chemical organic storehouse of naturally occurring substances, which influences the plants physiological system at very low concentrations. It contains elements, which helps in cell growth and breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones, which can be easily utilized by the plant.

Wokozim is thus a natural plant food, which can be applied as a foliar feed, soil application, root dip or seedling dip or seed treatment. This type of application enables plants to receive direct benefits from naturally balanced nutrients and growth stimulating substances when they are needed by the plant especially at the time of stage differentiation and development i.e. Seed germination, Frame development, Biomass development, Vegetative growth, C/N ratio differentiation, Reproductive stage and Maturity.

Although many nutrients and growth promoters may already be present in the soil and in the plants themselves, plants are not always able to utilize them. The constituents of Wokozim induces faster and vigorous development of root mass, which improves the suction of previously unavailable nutrients and other substances from the soil for the plant to use. Wokozim helps in improving uptake of complex molecules from the soil and improves soil microbe activity. It contains nutrients, which are in a naturally chelated form and are readily assimilated by plants which helps to improve cell division and cell enlargement thus resulting into better chlorophyll content and increased production. It also helps in improving plants natural self defense system, which results in healthier crop with low pest pressure.

Key Benefits :

  • Healthy and vigorous crop
  • Increased root development.
  • Efficient nutrient uptake
  • Increased retention of flowers and fruits.
  • Improved establishment.
  • Increase in total weight yield.
  • Bigger and shining produce.
  • Enhanced keeping quality.
  • Enhanced tolerance to stress conditions.
  • Significant increase in yield.
  • More profits

Method of Application :
The application of Wokozim preferably at early crop stage like seed & seedling immediately after transplanting or frame development stage results in strong, sturdy and healthy plant in vegetative stage.

Why Wokozim in early crop stage?

  • Early germination.
  • Vigorous seeding growth.
  • More root mass.
  • Optimum nutrient uptake.
  • Increased soil microbe activity.
  • Better foliage.

The application at pre-reproductive stage or flowering stage/peak flowering/fruit setting and fruit development/ripening stage significantly increases high quality produce. Single application (15 ~ 20 days after 1st application) is recommended for optimum results. 

Why Wokozim in established stage?

  • The Activator-Foliar spray
  • Healthier plant
  • Profuse branching / tillering.
  • Greater flower/fruit retention.
  • Enhanced immune system.
  • Optimum input uptake.
  • Increased production.


  • Wokozim Cotton is available in 500 ml 1 Liter Packing.
  • Wokozim Crop Plus is available in 250 ml, 500 ml 1 liter packing.
  • Wokozim Power Plus is available in 6 Kg bags.


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