Nitrogen is an essential element needed for the growth and development of plant tissues and cells. It serves as the building block for plant structure. Nitrogen is the vital nutrient required for the crops as it is also the major component of the plant chlorophyll. 

Phosphorus is another important element that is associated with flower growth and production. Phosphorus plays an important role in photosynthesis and storing energy which help cell growth and enlargement. Adding phosphorus to soil low in available phosphorus promotes root growth. Nitrogen and Phosphorus both should be used while plant growth and during flowering, because phosphorus encourages flowering and excessive nitrogen will stimulate green leafy growth.

Soluphos contains 17% Nitrogen (N) and 44% Phosphorus (P2O5). Soluphos could be used in drips while irrigation. The use of Soluphos through drip also keeps the drip system clean and durable. It also removes the bicarbonate from the water and improves its pH level. 


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