Cartap Hydrochloride

Cartap Hydrochloride


“Exceptionally good granule insecticide, showing consistent & most efficient control of borers”


Product Category: Insecticide
Active ingredient: Cartap Hydrochloride
Chemical group: Carbamate
Formulation: Available in G Formulation (Granules) with 4% w/w concentration


Mode of Action:

  • Strongly systemic insecticide with contact & stomach action
  • It block nerve transmission as it binds receptors in the nervous system of insects


Key Properties / USPs:

  • Contact & Stomach action with strong systemic activities
  • Effective against insects mining in plants by its systemic action.
  • It can control insects' resistant to other insecticides.
  • Quite safe for beneficial insects as it has almost no effect on natural enemies of insect pests.
  • It has a long persistent efficacy.
  • Suitable for IPM / IRM program


Target Crops: Rice

Target Pests Rice Stem Borers, Rice Leaf folder







Stem Borers, Leaf folder

9 Kg / Acre


Method of Application:

  • Apply product as broadcasting in standing water when insect population reaches ETL.


Registration Details:
Product is registered in Pakistan under form-16

Cartap Hydrochloride 4%G is available in 9 Kg pack



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