Agrochemicals are referred to pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and nematicides. It may also include synthetic fertilizers, hormones and other chemical growth agents.

Jaffer Group is working in the agriculture sector for the last seven decades; initially working as an indenter to Government of Pakistan for agrochemicals. In 1978, Government of Pakistan inducted private sector for distribution & marketing of agrochemical products in the country. In the year 1981, Jaffer Group started marketing pesticides through its own sales team. Since then Jaffer Group have been contributing in Agriculture Sector through Agrochemicals under different umbrellas including Jaffer Chemical division and National Insecticides Company (Private) Limited which was later renamed as Jaffer Agro Services (Private) Limited. 


Jaffer Agro has a strong belief in introducing and developing Fungicides, which have become an integral part of efficient food production. Jaffer Agro has also been hard at work training farmers and the agriculture community of Pakistan about fungal disease identification as well as how to limit crop losses should resistance appear.


Few companies are significantly pursuing Herbicide discovery in Pakistan. Jaffer Agro prides itself in being one of those companies. With an ever expanding portfolio, sources ranging from Germany, Japan, India and China, Jaffer Agro is always striving to develop innovative solutions in herbicides to aid the farming community of Pakistan.


Customers’ needs for insecticides differ by climate and geographical locations, local pest populations and the management practices that they use. Keeping all of these in consideration, Jaffer Agro ensures that its portfolio never fails to deliver and the importance of our consumers need for quality as well as affordability is present, therefore Jaffer Agro is always striving for advanced chemistries from around the globe.


Fumigants are poisonous substance used to kill insects, nematodes, and other animals or plants that damage stored foods or seeds, human dwellings, clothing, and nursery stock. Fumigants are poisonous to all warm-blooded species, including humans, therefore it should be applied by only the trained professionals. Soil fumigants are sprayed over the area to be cultivated to control disease-causing fungi, nematodes, and weeds. Fumigants with a high vapour pressure penetrate quickly and are used to treat sealed storage areas whereas Low-pressure compound diffuse slowly and are used to treat more open storage areas and as soil fumigants.

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