Sulfex Gold


“Unique fungicide as well nutrient, simultaneously provides protection and nourishment of crop”


Product Category: Fungicide
Active ingredient: Sulphur 80% w/w
Formulation: Available in WG Formulation (water dispersible granules) with 80% w/w concentration


Mode of Action:

  • Sulfex Gold is a Contact fungicide.
  • It prevents fungal spores from germinating, so it must be applied before the disease develops for effective results. Resistance management is the key to fungal disease management in crop protection. Product such as Sulfex Gold belongs to Group that have Multi Site Activity, i.e., they interfere with several of the (fungus) vital life functions. For this reason, the resistance is less likely to develop.


Key Properties / USPs:

  • It is a preventive fungicide.
  • Uniform and high-quality formulation of Sulfex Gold, helps in demonstration of good results.
  • Good stickiness quality, ensure proper coverage and resist rain fastness.
  • Proves to act as a remedy for the Sulphur deficiency in plants.
  • Sulphur is secondary macro nutrient and is essential for many growth functions in plants including: nitrogen metabolism, enzyme activity, and protein and oil synthesis.
  • Basal application of Sulfex Gold mixed with urea results in slow release of Nitrogen therefore drastically reducing the losses of nitrogen losses due to leaching and evaporation. In certain Rabi Crops like potato and wheat, the nitrogen uptake efficiency of crop is also increased by mixing 2 kg Sulfex Gold with other fertilizers per acre.
  • Sulfex Gold is not mobile in the plant, so a continuous supply of Sulfex Gold is needed from emergence to crop maturity. A deficiency of sulphur at any stage of growth can result in reduced yields.


Target Crops: Rice, Mango, Water melon, Musk Melon, Cucumber, Apple etc.

Target Pests: Leaf spot, powdery mildew etc.



Crops Pests Dose
Rice Powdery Mildew 800 – 1000 gm / acre
Mango Powdery Mildew 500 – 600 gm / 100 Lit of Water
Water Melon, Musk Melon, Cucumber, Apple Powdery Mildew 500 – 600 gm / 100 Lit of Water


Method of Application:

Application Timing & Method:

  • Start spraying at the appearance of 1st disease symptom OR when the environmental conditions are favorable for disease appearance, start spraying as preventive
  • Repeat the application at 10-14 days interval
  • Interval of sprays can be changed according to the intensity of disease
  • Take a small quantity of water in a container and dissolve required quantity of Sulfex Gold 80% WG in it. Stir this solution properly and mix it with the remaining quantity of water. The volume of total water required will depend on crop stage, crop cover, the total area to be treated and the type of sprayer used.
  • Use hollow cone nozzles for spray and ensure the thorough coverage of crop
  • Sulfex Gold can be applied to soil through flooding or by broadcasting mixed with fertilizer (Urea)


Registration Details:
Product is registered in Pakistan under form-1.

Sulfex Gold 80%WG is available in 1 Kg Pack.




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