Contaf Plus

Contaf Plus

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“Classical systemic fungicide with wider crop usage and broad-spectrum disease control”


Product Category: Fungicide
Active ingredient: Hexaconazole 5% w/v
Formulation: Available in SC Formulation (Suspension Concentrate) with 5% w/v concentration


Mode of Action:

  • Contaf plus is a systemic fungicide.
  •  Provides prevention, cure, eradication and anti-sporulation against diseases in the crop. It is absorbed by the leaves with acropetally and also has strong translaminar translocation.
  • It stops the development of fungi by interfering with the biosynthesis of sterols in cell membranes.


Key Properties / USPs:

  • Specific and broad spectrum.
  • Protectant, Eradicant and anti-sporulant.
  • Effective against all type of diseases i.e. higher & lower fungal diseases.
  • Low toxicity to mammals, birds, fish and beneficial insect.
  • Compatible with most of the commonly used fungicides and insecticides.
  • Quick absorption due to the systemic and translaminar action.
  • Systemic; moves from treated part to new growth; protects foliage & new growth between applications.
  • Contaf Plus 051 SC is a water based formulation (Suspension Concentrate), so it is
    • Eco friendly and safe to environment.
    • Safe to spray operator and environment.
    • Better absorption and translocation.
  • Gives Phyto-tonic effect and thereby enhances yields.
  • Effective at lower dosages and Non-phytotoxic at recommended dosages.
  • Enhanced Biological activity & Rain fastness.


Target Crops: Potato, Chilies, Vegetables, Orchards etc.

Target Pests: Lower & Higher Fungi including (early Blight, anthracnose, powdery mildew etc.)



Crops Pests Dose
Rice Sheath Blight 400 ml / acre
Melons Powdery Mildew 200 ml / acre
Mango Powdery Mildew, Anthracnose 150-200 ml / 100 Lit. of Water
Apple Powdery Mildew 50 ml / 100 Lit. of Water


Method of Application:

Application Timing & Method:

  • Start spraying at the appearance of 1st disease symptom OR when the environmental conditions are favorable for disease appearance start spraying as preventive
  • Repeat the application at 10-14 days interval
  • Interval of sprays can be changed according to the intensity of disease
  • Use hollow cone nozzles for spray and ensure the thorough coverage of crop


Registration Details:
Product is registered in Pakistan under form-1

Contaf Plus 051%SC is available in 400 ml Pack




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