Panida Grande


“Robust formulation, delivering highly reliable control of important weeds in Cotton & other crops”


Product Category: Herbicides
Active Ingredient: Pendimethalin
Chemical Group: Seedling Growth Inhibitor
Formulation:  Available in EC Formulation (Emulsifiable Concentrate) with 43.5% w/v concentration


Mode of Action:

  • Panida Grande disrupts cell division and cell elongation in shoot and root meristems of susceptible plants.
  • Germination of plants is unaffected by the herbicides; growth inhibition and subsequent death occur following germination of the seed or shortly after emergence from the soil.
  • Typical symptoms of the aerial parts of susceptible dicot (broadleaf) weeds plants that emerge include severe stunting, intense green coloration and a leathery appearance of the cotyledons.
  • Monocot (grasses & sedge) that emerged are stunted & twisted and show a re-purple coloration. Root effects are observed as a characteristic swelling of the tip. Shoot growth inhibition occurs in susceptible monocots after absorption by the coleoptile nodes, when this meristematic region is in contact with or passes through the area treated with Panida Grande.


Key Properties / USPs:

  • New, unique and powerful formulation 43.5%EC
  • Pre-emergence herbicide control the weeds before they emerge, no loss to crop, result more nutrients available to crop
  • Healthy & vigorous start, provides strong basis for good yield
  • Crop safety is exceptionally marvelous.
  • Broad spectrum activity; controls many BL & Grasses simultaneously like It sit, Swanki, Baru, Tandla, Kulfa, Bathu etc.
  • User friendly application…. Can be used and equally effective in “drill sowing”, “ridge sowing” as well as “bed & furrow sowing”


Target Crops: Cotton, Potato, Peas

Target Pests: Weed complex



Crops Pests Dose
Cotton Weeds 750 ml / acre
Potato Weeds 750 ml / acre
Peas Weeds 750 ml / acre


Method of Application:

Flat Sown Crops:

1)  Soon after irrigation for sowing (pacci rauni), plank the field then spray Panida Grande & finally cultivate the land for sowing cotton seeds.


2)  Prepare the land after for sowing (pacci rauni), and spray Panida Grande before the last planking & then sow the seed with cultivator.

Crop Sown on Ridges: First irrigate the land after sowing then spray Panida Grande when land comes into field capacity (vatter condition).



Details Panida Grande is registered in Pakistan under form-1


Panida Grande 43.5% EC is available in 750 ml bottle pack




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