Success Stories

Success Story of Nutraful Ambassador Farmer, Rao Taufeeq

Rao Taufeeq is a small grower belongs to hard working and gentle Mayo Rajput family of village Mouj khan distt Tandoallahyar. He cultivates Sugarcane, Onion, Wheat and banana and after using Nutraful fertilizer for the last two years has successfully demonstrated and got benefit on Sugarcane and Banana crops.

He applied Nutraful fertilizer to his sugarcane crop on two acres planted during the last week of September 2015. This was a juice variety and he harvested in May 2016 (8 months crop). His average yield per acre from this field was 1550 Maunds per acer. Then he left this field as ratoon applying again Nutraful fertilizer. He will be harvesting this ratoon in March 2017 and is expecting a minimum of 1000 Maunds/acre cane yield. This means that in 18 months he will be harvesting 2 crops of sugarcane from the same field with an average cane yield of 2550 Maunds/acre which is marvelous and extraordinarily high.

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