Projects & Machinery Division supplied 137 Meters long Mabey Delta Bridge to Frontier Works Organization.

The Projects & Machinery Division along with the strong support of its Partner M/S Mabey Bridges Limited, U.K. completed the supply and installation of a 137 meter long Delta Bridge on December 9th, 2018 at Sapper Shaheed Bridge Skardu in a record time of 30 days!

The Mabey Delta Bridge was supplied to Frontier Works Organization (FWO) for building the bridge as a part of the Jaglot - Skardu road project. The project was completed at Kachura on Indus River, under the supervision of engineers from Mabey who stayed at the site to ensure the timely and perfect completion of the job.

Mabey Bridges Limited, U.K. is a leading international provider of superior quality, rapid-build, pre-engineered modular bridging solutions for permanent and temporary applications, including military bridges and all forms of steel bridging.

Benefit of steel bridging technology:
Speedy installation, low maintenance after completion, quick repair, easily relocatable, less manufacturing time. On the otherhand concrete bridges require lengthy installation process and curing time, quality control of product is difficult. It requires close supervision and has high post completion maintenance cost.

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