COVID-19 Awareness Session

Today a COVID - 19 awareness session was conducted by Murshid Hospital & Health Care Center (MHHCC) Team at Jaffer Group Head office at Karachi. Other locations were also connected through VC to participate in the session. It was an hour and a half session which gave some important and critical insights to the audience about the virus itself and also the precautionary methods to be adopted for safety. Hand washing is a major precaution for this virus and a video was shown for effective hand washing.

A panel of professionals from MHHCC was present to address the questions and concerns of the audience. The panel consisted of Ms. Salma Tariq – Quality Assurance Manager, who covered the main presentation, also accompanying were Ms. Rubina - Microbiologist, Mr. John Nawab - Vice Principle School of Nursing & Midwifery & Senior Nursing Faculty, Mr. Amir Shareef - Deputy Night Administrator & Senior Nurse, Dr Munazza, Dr.Sohaib Ali, Dr Amir Fatima - Manager Pharmacy, Ms. Sidra tul Muntaha - Clinical Pharmacist and Mr. Imran Riaz - Compliance Officer.

The session was very useful and the relevant material is being circulated to all for sharing with their loved ones for their protection and good health!

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