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Power Curbers & Pavers - Slipform Paving Machines

Power Slipform Pavers 2400 series, includes the SF-2402 and SF-2404, can be used for conventional paving, offset paving, and custom applications. These pavers are ideal for residential and intermediate paving projects and are available to fulfil both two-track and four-track requirements.

The Power Pavers SF-1700 is the most economical and compact slipform paver, designed for paving widths from 10 to 24 feet (3 to 7.5 meters). It is ideal for half-width paving, congested city street paving, rural roads and much more. The Power Paver SF-2700 is a two-track slipform paver designed to pave between 12’ (3.65m) and 27’ (8.23m) wide, ideal for residential streets, street rehabilitation, and overlay work. Whereas Power Paver SF-3000 is our heavy duty, high production slipform paver for use on streets, highways, and airports. 

Slipform Paver in Action

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