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Shantui - Trailer Pump

Technical Features

  1. The diesel engine installed is suitable for the projects with insufficient electric power supply. The diesel engine adopts Weichai Deutz diesel engine, featuring strong power and prominent performance.
  2. The dual-pump dual-circuit open-loop hydraulic system and the highly integrated electro-hydraulic control valve group are adopted to ensure low reversing impact and stable and reliable motions.
  3. The master oil pump, constant pressure pump, and hydraulic control units adopt originally imported products from world’s renowned brands, with automatic over-pressure cutoff device, featuring reasonable structure and powerful performance.
  4. The electronic control system adopts PLC control system and integrated switching power supply, featuring advanced, reliable, simple, and practical technologies.
  5. The S-pipe valve is adopted, in which the S-pipe is bead welded from imported wear-resistant welding rods and the shaft end is treated by nitriding of high strength alloy steel to prevent the rupture of shaft end and promote its service life. The wearing plate and the cutting ring are made of wear-resistant hard alloy to remarkably improve the service life.
  6. New mixing mechanism and reasonably designed shaft end seals make the maintenances easier and the optimized hopper structure eliminates the dead spaces for material deposit and promotes the concrete suction efficiency.
  7. The automatic retraction function of concrete piston can retract the concrete piston to the washer chamber to greatly ease the checking, repair, and replacement of the concrete piston.
  8. It is equipped with high/low pressure switching function to ease the choice of pumping mode depending on the working condition.


Performance Parameters

  Mode   HBT60 (New) Trailer Pump Series
Pumping system Maximum theoretical pumping capacity 55
Maximum theoretic output pressure  Mpa 6.7
Concrete distribution valve    Inclined gate valve
Concrete slump range mm 80~230
Bore × travel of pumping cylinder mm Φ195x1400
Bore × travel of main cylinder mm Φ90x1400
Hopper capacity/loading height  L/mm 450/1400
Maximum aggregate size mm 40(125A)
Power system Power/speed kW/r/min 55/1480
Other Gross weight Kg 5000
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) mm 6450x1820x2150


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