Lubricants - Manufacturing

The sector includes a wide variety of activities, from the manufacturing of gears, hydraulic systems and compressor pumps, to refrigerators and watches.

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1. Shell Omala

Shell Omala range of industrial gear oils offers protection across a wide range of applications: from the extreme-pressure rolling contacts in spur gears to the sliding contacts in worm gears.

2. Shell Corena

Compressors are used widely across most industry sectors. They are used to compress air, process gases and refrigerated gases. Shell Corena is the primary air compressor product brand with application across all B2B sectors and customers.

3. Shell Gadus

Shell Gadus greases are high technology greases designed to give optimum performance for grease lubrication in industrial bearings.

4. Shell Tellus

Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids offers a range of options, including the latest synthetic, ash-less technology that are designed to help extend pump life, even under the most severe conditions

5. Shell Tonna

Shell’s Tonna range is especially designed to lubricate machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. With excellent frictional properties, very good slideway adhesion and excellent anti-wear performance, it can be relied on to provide efficient machining accuracy and reliable protection for your equipment.



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