“A versatile, broad spectrum selective herbicide, well known for its superior control of sedges in rice”


Product Category: Herbicide
Active ingredient: Orthosulfamuron
Chemical group: Sulfonylurea
Formulation:  Available in SG Formulation (water-dispersible granules) with 50% w/w concentration


Mode of Action: 

  • Branched chain amino acid synthesis (ALA or AHAS) inhibitor.
  • Acts by inhibiting biosynthesis of essential amino acids valine, lucine and isoleucine, hence stopping cell division and plant growth.

Key Properties / USPs:

  • It is an early post-emergence rice herbicide
  • It can be used in both direct seeded and transplanted rice.
  • It is readily absorbed by both roots and foliage and translocated in both xylem and phloem.
  • It can be applied with shaker bottle.
  • Shows broad spectrum control of sedges, BL etc.
  • Crop compatibility is excellent, quite safe to rice crop


Target Crops: Rice



Crops Weeds Dose
Rice Sedges (Deela, Ghaoin, Bhoin, Scirpus), Broad Leaf Weeds (Chopati, Mirch Booti, Daryai booti etc) 80 gm / Acre


Method of Application:

  • Spraying
  • Mixing with sand/ fertilizer
  • Through pepper-shaker bottle.


Application through pepper-shaker bottle:

Dissolve Kelion 50 WG 60 - 80 g (Dosage rate/acre) in 2 liter of water and spread it over an acre through pepper-shaker bottle uniformly.


Timing of application:

  • It should be applied to young, actively growing weeds 2 - 4 leaf-stage which usually corresponds to 3 – 7days after transplanting.
  • Kelion should be applied only on well rooted plants. It should not be applied on plants with leaves submerged in water.


Details Product is registered in Pakistan under form-17

Kelion is available in 480 gram (20gm X 24 sachets) pack




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