Cheeta Sulphur

Sulphur is gaining prominence as a major nutrient with N-P-K. Sulphur is the fourth primary plant nutrient required for the normal growth of plants as it plays a vital role in many plant processes; which indicates that plant metabolism is dependent upon S and its deficiency will cause primary metabolic impairment. Therefore, due to increased importance of Sulphur nutrient for plant growth, efficiency in soil amendment and increasing demand trends, Jaffer Agro Services is introducing Cheeta Sulphur 75%

Cheeta Sulphur 75% is a high value advanced S fertilizer, with composition mixture 11-0-0-75ES. it contains Sulphur in elemental form as elemental S-based fertilizers are the most concentrated S carriers. This makes this product a perfect fit to fulfill the Sulphur requirement in plants. Its micronized advanced formulation technology stands out as a more effective and efficient product than any other conventional Sulphur fertilizers available in the market.

Pack size: 10kg & 25 kg

Salient features of Cheeta Sulphur 75%:

  • High concentrations of S (75%), negligible leaching and run-off losses, continued residual effects on the S nutrition of the subsequent crop.
  • The finer S particle size due to micronized advance technology.
  • Increased S oxidation characteristic as particle size is reduced.
  • Due to higher oxidation rate of elemental S to SO4-2 formation, results in increased SO4-2, availability to crops.




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