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Success Story of Portable Rain Gun Project of HEIS Ambassador Farmer

Qaisar Abbas Khan Magsi is an ambassador farmer of Jaffer agro Services, belongs to the well known Magsi family in the Thal Area. Historically, the family has been engaged in farming and holding herds of sheep, goat, and cattle in the arid areas of Nawan Kot, Chobara and Khaira Wala. He has done his graduation from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan he has been elected as Tehsil Nazim in year 2000 and again re-elected for the same portfolio in year 2004, restoring the confidence of the general public of the area, where more than 90 % of the people are directly dependent on agriculture. In 2008 Mr. Qaisar Khan was elected as Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA) from the same constituency and is still holding this office and working for the welfare of the people of the area and for the development of the infrastructure in Thal region which was once called as the most backward region in the entire Punjab Province. Under his leadership, there has been significant development in education, health, roads & communication. Besides above sectoral development, he initiated several projects for the development of agriculture sector, especially in irrigation and livestock development which is an age old profession of the people of the Thal region. Following the legacy of his ancestors Sardar Qaisar Abbas Khan started to convert rain fed arid farming into a mechanized, irrigated and progressive one. Following this course of action, he opted for newly introduced high efficiency irrigation technology. He got Jaffer Brother’s shift able rain gun system under the MINFA subsidy scheme and operated on rain fed dunes area over his gram crop. This system on one hand tripled the gram yield as compared to the general gram yield per acre of the area on the other hand it also countered the two year of seasonal drought which had been faced by the Thal region. He got desired results out of the operation of the system and got visible economic benefits. With the launch of Greater Thal Flood Canal, the farmers of the area have got a perfect importance of the HEIS while Qaisar Khan and his Magsi family is setting a good example and pioneering in successful development of agriculture through this modern irrigation system.

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