Success Stories

Success Story of HEIS Ambassador Farmer Madam Nuzhat Qaiser

Madam Nuzhat Qaiser is a progressive grower of Khanewal district. She belongs to a noble family of a Doctors. She is owner of 200 acres. Her land was barren and there was zero income from this land. She decided to install a drip irrigation system on her barren land. Firstly she installed drip system on 15 acres on citrus. After that she goes to high density plantation and mixed guava and pomegranate with citrus. After the success of this drip system on 15 acres she extended the system on next 5 acres. She developed a healthy orchard and furthermore she started cultivation of onion, tomato and cucurbits in the basin of citrus plant from where she earned a handsome amount. Now she is cultivating tomato, onion and cucurbits in the basin of guava, pomegranate and developing citrus orchard also. According to her drip irrigation system is excellent technology & her barren land has become productive. Drip irrigation system also provide her source of amusement in the form of developed orchard. She is also earning handsome amount from vegetable cultivation.

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