Success Stories

Success Story of HEIS Ambassador Farmer Ameer Hasnain Khan

HEIS Ambassador Farmer Ameer Hasnain Khan belongs to a very noble Pathan family. His forefathers Mr. Amir Hamza Khan and Amir Azwar khan were well known political personalities of Rahim Yar Khan. He is a big mango grower having more than 200 acres of mango orchard. Being an ambassador farmer he is associated with Jaffer group since 2010 by using pesticides, fertilizers and drip irrigation system. He has installed drip irrigation system on 73.73 acres of mango orchard. Important thing is that his entire shifted orchard is mature orchard. He has adopted two types of irrigation systems sprinkler and drip system. According to him, now-a-days improvement in water use efficiency is of prime importance. Shifting to drip irrigation system has paid him back in terms of crop yield, quality improvement and cost reduction of water, energy and labour and fertilizer efficiency. He has found a significant economical booster after using drip irrigation technology, while balanced quantity of water and fertilizer has improved his crop vigour.

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