Success Stories

Success Story of Farmer Muhammad Asghar Tarar

Muhammad Asghar Tarar is residence of Chak 12 S.B Kotmomin, Sargodha. He is also Principle of high School Kotmomin aside as farmer. He is owner of 6.4 acre of Citrus orchard ( 6 Years old). He took initiative of installing drip irrigation system on his farm because he has limited amount of canal water which came on weekly basis and only irrigate around 0.5 acres on each turn. His tube well water is not of good quality. So due to limited canal water and severe summer in Sargodha in order to overcome this shortage he mixes canal water with Tubewell water to irrigate his citrus orchard. His orchard was not in good health before drip system and he did not get much income from it. When he was planning on installing drip system on his orchard lots of people frightened him about its failure but he took courage and installed system. After using drip on his orchard for 2 years his citrus orchard became one of the best orchard in surrounding areas and he is very satisfied by its result and is now promoting drip in his village and surroundings.

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