Success Stories

Success Story of Farmer Haji Ghulam Akbar

Haji Ghulam Akbar is progressive grower and innovative farmer of Distt. Chakwal. He belongs to a well-known family of Potohar Region. Besides farming Haji Ghulam Akbar is also engaged in Bricks Kiln business for last 23 years. He is one of the early technology adopters and implemented the same on his farm house. Haji sb is amongst the pioneers pertaining to Viticulture in District Chakwal. Credit of, practicing Turmeric plantation in Grapevines to counteract Termite problem in Potohar, goes to Haji Ghulam Akbar. After his successful venture of biological control of Termite with Turmeric other farmers also followed the idea and they got benefitted as well. Besides Grapes, Haji sb has also Plum & other stone fruit farms which is a bit new idea in Potohar, this speaks of his tendency towards orchard raising of new types of fruits in this area. Since 2014 he has installed Drip System on 17 acres being subsidized from Govt. of Punjab under PIPIP. He along with so many other progressive growers tried to propagate Grapes production Technology so that local farming community may deviate from conventional cropping pattern and may opt for the profitable Grapes raising. His Farm (Madina Grapes Farm) is demo site for grapes grower of the area. According to Haji Ghulam Akbar sb, without drip irrigation system it was not possible for him to irrigate 17 acres area. This saved a lot of time, money and farm inputs and also observed remarkable increase in production as compared to conventional irrigation system.

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