Success Stories

Success Story of Drip Irrigation System of HEIS Ambassador Farmer

Ahsan Khan is notable figure of Tehsil Hazro pertaining to Grapes farming in Distt. Attock. He is associated with farming for more than 20 years. Ahsan Khan is a graduate and has spent most of his life in social and political activities. Besides farming, Ahsan Khan is associated with Ghazi Bharota Development project as well as has honorary membership as Director of PCRWR. Both prestigious organizations seek his input while devising any project for the betterment of farming community. He along with so many other progressive growers tried to propagate Grapes production Technology so that local farming community may deviate from conventional cropping pattern and may opt for the profitable Grapes raising. Being an innovative farmer, Ahsan Khan is on USAID Grapes Grower Panel. His farm (Mahjoor Farm) is a demo site for grapes grower of the area. By installing drip irrigation system on his Grapes orchard, Ahsan Khan not only saved time, money and farm inputs but also observed remarkable increase in grapes production as compared to other farmers whom farms were on conventional irrigation systems. As water is a scarce commodity and it becomes much more precious when one pumps it out using power source. So to economize cost of Crop production in such scenario, Drip Irrigation is the best available option.

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