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K-Othrine SC25

K-Othrine® SC25 is a broad spectrum insecticide, containing 25 g/L deltamethrin, designed for the control of a wide a range of domestic and industrial insect pests.

K-Othrine® SC 25 is a suspension concentrate that is, a particulate supension of solid deltamethrin particles in water. K-Othrine® SC 25 is therefore a product that acts like a wettable powder in terms of residuality, but these particles are not visible and are non-staining.

K-Otherine SC25 has also passed environmental standards (WHO) and is safe & little risk to warm blooded animals when used in accordance with label recommendations.

Insects that can be controlled include:

  • Dictyoptera ( Cockroaches )
  • Hymenoptera ( Wasps and Ants)
  • Diptera ( Flies ) 
  • Siphonaptera ( Fleas )
  • Hemiptera (Bed Bugs)
  • Lepidoptera (Moths)
  • Coleoptera (Beetles)
  • Thysanura(Silverfish)
  • Psocoptera (Booklice).

Advantages of K-Otherine SC25

  • Sustained residuality
  • Oil-free to minimize damage to surfaces
  • No taint, no odour and no staining
  • Biodegradable- no environmental accumulation
  • Proven broad spectrum activity
  • Leaves no visible deposit
  • Do not block spray nozzles.




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