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It is a self-contained, frame mounted, gas motor driven ULV cold fogger and sprayer. ULV is defined as the ultra low volume application rate per unit area/space which guarantees economical pest control. The aim is to keep the application rate as low as possible and thereby reduce both the cost of the total quantity applied, as well as the actual treatment time. The minute droplets (aerosols) remain suspended in the air forlong hours to ensure the coverage of all indoor surfaces, and that of leaves and bushes in the open air. This ensures lethal contact with the insect pests that are to be controlled, is maintained for prolonged periods. Powered by commercial grade 4-stroke engine, no power cords or generators is needed. High output makes this device ideal for spraying or treating large open spaces, indoors and outdoors including plant nurseries, golf courses, city parks, resorts, private properties, residential areas, etc.



  • Used for water and oil based solutions and formulations
  • For all ULV and cold fogging/spraying applications
  • Mosquito, gnat, fly and other flying insect control and management
  • To control disease through insect, bacterial and fungal control
  • Disinfection of large areas indoor and outdoor
  • For disinfecting surfaces and objects. 
  • Treatment and disinfection of poultry and livestock containment. 
  • Aphid, mildew and rot control in orchards, plant nurseries, etc. 
  • Mold & mildew control in commercial and residential applications



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