Household Products


This fogger has been designed for the economical treatment on large areas.The tube is vertically adjustable, as needed, using a hand held crank. To meet the most strict safety requirements, when flammable liquids are used, this fogger is equipped with an electronic pneumatic cut-off device, in case of petrol leaks or decreasing pressure in the gas fuel system.

This unit is also equipped with sound insulation with air filter, which reduces the noise stress generated for the operator to the minimum. It is easy to carry due to its handlebar which runs around the entire solution tank.. 

The unit is ideally suited for, 

  • Mosquito, gnat, fly and other flying insect control.
  • Disease control through insect, bacterial and fungal control.
  • Combat Malaria, dengue/yellow fever and more.
  • Disinfecting of large areas outdoor, warehouses, manufacturing plants
  • Disinfecting of surfaces and objects.
  • Disinfection or treatment of poultry and livestock containment.
  • Mold & mildew control in commercial and residential applications.
  • Hydration and pest control for greenhouses, plant nurseries, gardens, etc
  • Special effects for the film & entertainment industry.



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