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The portable Nebulo cold fogger, distinguish by simple handling and optimal operation characteristics. This unit is equipped with a 700 Watt electric motor producing greater aerosol volume at higher velocity with deeper penetration. An exchangeable air filter protects the motor against dirt and dust.Nebulo is fitted with an infinitely adjustable flow regulator enabling different output quantities between the range of 0,3 to 15 litres per hour.

Important Features:

  • Constructed of resistant, hard, durable, thermoplastics.
  • A powerfull electric motor producing a large volume of aerosols at a higher speed with a deeper penetration;
  • Uniform spectrum for droplet.
  • Droplet size can be adjusted from the increase or decrease of the solution flow.



  • Better adaptability and ideal equipment for applying insecticides, disinfectants and aggressive chemical substances.
  • Better fog action range compared to othersimilar equipments.
  • Range of application includes spaces and surfaces treatment.
  • Easy handling and operation.

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