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Power Curber
Power Curber model 5700-C is the latest in the highly successful 5700 Series of curb and gutter machines by Power Curbers. The machine's compact size and versatility allow contractors to achieve high levels of productivity.
It gets in and out of tight spots quickly, making tight radius work in parking lots much quicker. In addition to curb and gutter work, the machine pours highway safety barrier, bridge parapet, sidewalk, golf cart paths, agricultural foundations, irrigation ditches and stadium risers. Customers tell us they triple a normal day's production with "less work". Less finishing results in reducing manpower from behind the machine.
Our 5700 Series is the number 1 selling curb machine in the world. It's fast, compact, and versatile, and it's helping concrete contractors all over the world bring projects in on time. The machine will celebrate its 25th year in production in 2010,
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