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Jaffer Agro Services High Profile Farmers Meeting, Pakpattan
It has always been a strategy of Jaffer Agro Services to provide complete technical information and support to farmers regarding different issues for their crops on regular basis by JAS Technical experts.
Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) recently organized a High Profile Farmers Meeting on Nutraful Fertilizer at Pakpattan on September 19, 2015.
JAS Regional team warmly welcomed all 30 participants and a comprehensive presentation was given by JAS Sales Support Manager – MR. Makhdoom Hussain Sial on introduction about JAS, JAS products range and services specifically Solupotash, Fertigrain Start, Tecamin Max, Meta Gold, Grozin, Sulfex Gold and Nutraful Fertilizers (UREA and DAP) and its impact on Potato Crop plant parameters and yield. He emphasized on the need of developing unique and efficient fertilizer Nutraful fortified with Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) and shared crop yield data collected from farmer’s field and benefits of Nutraful Fertilizer. He also emphasized that Nutraful is an efficient and unique fertilizer introduced by JAS and this is going to be the future fertilizer of Pakistan Agriculture.
All Farmers had shown a great interest and promising attitude towards adopting NUTRAFUL and JASPL other products.
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