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Jaffer Brothers Becomes Authorized Oracle Education Distributor
An Oracle Education Distribution Agreement is signed between Oracle Corporation and Jaffer Brothers Private Limited in July 2009.
Under the agreement, JBL is authorized by Oracle to distribute its Oracle University Certified Trainings.
Oracle Education provides participants with up-to-date training that helps them build their technical and functional expertise and lets them excel in their specific IT field. Trainings by recognized Oracle Certified resources bring the knowledge of real time implementation experiences. Under the program trainings are delivered by Oracle Certified Trainers and Oracle Certifications are awarded to participants.

Certified courses on Oracle Application, Database, Middleware, and Linux are offered. The certification program categories include Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Certified Master, Oracle Special Accreditation, and Oracle Certified Expert.
Trainings are offered to both individual participants as well as to organizations. Customized training plans are designed to meet the specific needs of the organizations.
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