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Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) - Nutraful Fertilizer Field Dayat Chashma road Al-Moiz-1 Sugar Mill
Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) recently organized a Nutraful Fertilizer Field Day Sugarcane Crop at Chashma road Al-Moiz-1 Sugar Mill area on September 23, 2015. On Behalf of JAS Ch. Anjum Sarwar (RM JASPL DGK), Mr. Rao Amir (TM JASPL) and Sales Support Manager MR. Muzaffar Abbas Mujahid and from Al Moiz-1 Sugar Mill Mr. Mashoor Hussain (ACM), Mr. Hashmat Ullah (Field Supervisor Host also JAS Nutraful Farmer) and Mr. Umair Khan (JASPL Dealer in DIK) participated in this event. JAS team warmly welcomed all 40 participants and delivered brief introduction of Jaffer Agro Services and a field activity was carried out in which Nutraful Fertilizer Sugar Cane Field and Standard Fertilizer Sugar Cane field was compared on Same Variety, Ratoon Crop and Fertilizer used in both fields. Sugarcane plant with roots was shown to all participants from Nutraful Plot and Standard Fertilizer plot. All participants admitted the differences in Nutraful Fertilizer Field vs. classical, Fertilizer Field as: 1- More green and vigorous growth 2- Excellent root growth 3- Height of plant, 4- Girth of Sugar Cane, 5- More tillers. Subsequently, JASPL Regional Manager Ch. Anjum Sarwar gave a comprehensive presentation on Nutraful fortified with Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) and shared different crops yield data like Wheat, Cotton, Potato, and Maize and specially increase in Sugarcane crop collected from farmer’s field and benefits of Nutraful Fertilizer. He also emphasized that Nutraful is an efficient and unique fertilizer introduced by JAS and this is going to be the future fertilizer of Pakistan Agriculture. Later on, Host farmer Mr. Mr. Hashmat Ullah also shared his views with the participants about excellent efficiency of Nutraful Fertilizers vs. Standard Fertilizer. Mr. Mashoor Hussain (ACM Al-Moiz-1 SM) also shared his views to increase yield of Sugarcane by good preparation of Land, sowing of verities approved by Sugar Mill, usage of proper Seed Rate and Potash and Nutraful Fertilizer. He also assured all farmers about availability of Nutraful Fertilizer in next crop season. All Participants were well satisfied with Nutraful Fertilizer effectiveness and shown their strong commitment to use Nutraful fertilizer in the next crop and appreciated JAS for introducing new and modern technologies in agriculture sector for betterment of farmer community and are in line with JAS to promote this new technology and to recommend it into their extension activities.
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