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Jaffer Agro Services (JAS)-High Profile Farmers Meeting,Sahiwal (September 26, 2011)
Event Details:

It has always been a policy of Jaffer Agro Services to provide complete technical information and support to farmers regarding their crop related issues. Mr. Mazhar Iqbal Manager Farm Advisory Services recently conducted a HPFM at Sahiwal and delivered a comprehensive presentation on nutrition management, weed management and disease prevention techniques for potato crop.
MERA 71 (non selective herbicide) which controls all annual and perennial weeds. Mera 71 is used as pre tillage i.e., before land preparation of potato. It is recommended to spray Mera 71 by using Matabi Sprayer and Form Nozzle for excellent weed control in other row crops.
JAS Bio stimulant products i.e., Wokozim Power Plus and Wokozim Crop Plus are the organic storehouse of naturally occurring nutrients and hormones derived from seaweed, traditionally known for its rich possession of vital nutritional elements. Wokozim stimulates the natural physiological system of the potato plant by providing additional support of essential nutritional elements in all stages of plant growth.
Tecamin Max contains Amino Acids and other natural nutrients which provide the nutrition and energy to potato plants resulting in proper development of tubers and is a best solution for stress management caused by abiotic factors. This ultimately helps the plant to uptake the available nutrients from soil resulting in good crop yield.
JAS Water Soluble Fertilizers range consists of pure mineral nutrients, which are sprayed on plant thus bypassing root system for a quick Action from Source (leaf) to sink (Vegetative or fruiting). According to plant development stage, different grades are applied as foliar which have the ratio of N, P and K best suited for the particular life stage. Soluplant 20:20:20 acts as vegetative booster of potato, Soluplant 15:15:30 for vegetative and fruiting booster while Bonus acts as fruit development booster. SoluPotash contains potash and sulphur and applied at later stages of potato development.
Champion is a copper based broad spectrum fungicide which is used for an effective control of early and late blight in potato crop.
Almost 60 large farmers participated in this event and were highly convinced with information delivered and showed willingness to use JAS Technologies for Nutritional Management and crop protection from diseases and pests in potato crop.
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