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Jaffer Agro Services (JAS)-High Profile Farmers Meeting, Pakpattan
Held on: July 6, 2011
Location: Pakpattan, Vehari
Arranged by: JAS
Participants: Progressive Farmers

Event Objective:
Main objective is to create awareness regarding weeds control and nutritional management.

Event Details:
It has always been a strategy of Jaffer Agro Services to provide complete technical information and support to farmers regarding different issues for their crops. Field days and farmers meeting are organized to address such kind of issues on regular basis by JAS Technical experts. Around 25 large farmers participated in this event and their complete database was prepared for follow up visits at the farms to provide more customized technical guidance to the farmers by JAS experts.
Mr. Mazhar Iqbal Manager Farm Advisory Services delivered a comprehensive presentation on nutritional management and weeds control in rice, cotton and vegetable crops. Weeds management is essential for economical crop production because they compete with crop for moisture, nutrients, light and reduce yield. Herbicides are the most effective means for controlling weeds in crops. Secondly, Nutritional Management is important for structural development, health and growth of plant, it increases plant self defense mechanism against stress and improves boll / fruit retention.
JAS specialized nutrients products like Wokozim, which improves the health of the crop. Wokozim stimulates the natural physiological system of the plant by providing additional support of essential nutritional elements in all stages of plant growth. Tecamin Max contains Amino Acids and other natural nutrients which provides the nutrition and energy to plant resulting in development of plant vigor, increase in flowering, Fruiting ,best solution for stress management and ultimately good crop yield also helps the plant to uptake the available nutrients from soil. For weeds management Kelion (Rice herbicide) is the best solution for broad and narrow leaves weeds and also for sedges (through shaker bottle) and MERA 71 (non selective herbicide) which controls almost all annual and perennial weeds, it is sprayed using Matabi Sprayer with Form Nozzle (excellent weed control up to root in row crop),.
All farmers were highly convinced with the information delivered through JAS technical experts and were completely satisfied and motivated with details of testimonials and showed willingness to use JAS Technologies for weeds and nutritional Management.
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