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Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) - NUTRAFUL RICE FIELD DAY, BADIN on September 05, 2016
Jaffer Agro Services (JAS) recently organized NUTRAFUL RICE FIELD DAY at BADIN, on September 05, 2016 under its recently launched campaign, NUTRAFUL KHARIF CHAMPION OF RICE/MAIZE - 2016. JAS Regional team warmly welcomed all 12 farmers and a comprehensive presentation was given by Sales Support Manager – Mr. Syed Hasnain Raza on JAS introduction, JAS product range and services specifically Nutraful Fertilizers (UREA and DAP) and its impact on Rice Crop (yeild and plant parameters). The main emphasis was on the need of developing unique and efficient fertilizer Nutraful fortified with Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) and shared crop yield data collected from farmer’s field and benefits of Nutraful Fertilizer which is an efficient and unique fertilizer introduced by JAS. All participants were surprised to see a clear difference in, leaf width and length, vigor of the stem and number of tillers, it was around 5-6 tiller increase on rice plant of Nutraful plot, as compared to standard plot, another important difference visible is the increased root bio mass in rice plant of Nutraful plot. The host farmer and all the participants were very satisfied with the product performance, well motivated and committed to use it on the next crop.
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