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Jaffer BioTech is committed to providing leading biotechnological solutions in the field of agriculture. Jaffer BioTech specializes in researching and creating commercially viable applications of biotechnology to be used in the field to benefit crop yields and quality.

Jaffer BioTech produces microbial solutions that comprise of plant growth promoting bacteria that, when present in the root zone of plants, boost root mass, increase nutrient uptake and provide better tolerance for stress for the plant. Having undergone years of research and field trials, specific strains of bacteria have been identified and cultivated that exhibit the highest levels of plant growth promoting traits. The benefits are increased yields, superior crop quality and better return on investment.

The solutions are sold to fertilizer marketers to add value by enriching their fertilizer with the microbial solution. Once coated, the fertilizer acts as the delivery mechanism for the bacteria to be introduced in the rhizosphere. The bacteria multiplies in the presence of root exudates and begins its various beneficial activities which in turn increase the efficiency of the fertilizer. This process allows farmers to gain the benefits of applying plant growth promoting bacteria while maintaining current application methods and schedule.