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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Strategy, Planning & Diversification (SPD)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Public Relations and Administration
Audit and Corporate Affairs (A&CA)
Finance & Taxation
Human Resources (HR)
Portfolio/Project Management Office (PMO)
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We believe our employees are our greatest assets. If you have a desire to learn and to lead, we are eager to acquire the best talent!

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Information is the bloodline of any business activity. Our ICT staff is always working to meet the complex and varied needs of all the business and support units of the Group. We have implemented state-of-the-art Oracle Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Application Software in the Group.

The network in our Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and nine other offices keeps our business executives connected to the rest of the world 24/7, and helps them make informed and timely decisions. Our website, www.jaffer.com, provides up-to-date information on our activities and offerings.