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We believe our employees are our greatest assets. If you have a desire to learn and to lead, we are eager to acquire the best talent!

The Process



Requirements Analysis: Our team develops a detailed report of clients’ requirements their analysis on the possible advancements that can be combined with the solution. This report serves the purpose of our objective statement for the solution to our clients.

Site Survey: Our survey team visits the intended site for installation to have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the clients and a realistic plan of operations for an effective setup.

The Plan Layout: The survey team develops the technical plan layout and adjoins their recommendations to the system layout. This leads to comprehensive set of recommendations for the clients to maneuver with their requirement and have a system that gives maximum command and control.

Demonstration: In order to ensure that we are on the same page with the client and have a thorough understanding of their exact needs, we provide them with the on-site/off-site demonstration of the system so that they get the feel of what is going to be delivered to them.

The Feedback: We value our clients feedback at every stage. Each process is conducted with the clients’ involvement so that any of their queries or reservation can be addressed.

Installation and Commissioning: The deployment and commissioning of the desired solution at the client’s specific site begins and the timely completion of the project with agreed milestones are ensured.

Training: Training is provided to clients’ users so that they fully understand the system and find it easy to operate.

Project Completion: Once the training is done and the client’s users are in a position to run their systems themselves, the project is termed as complete and the client starts to reap the benefits of the new automated security solutions.

J Security Solutions support services are also available to clients on call or annual basis.