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  J Vigilant    Product Description    Benefits     

J Vigilant- Computerized Access Control System



J Vigilant- Product Description

1. Visitor Tracking

J Vigilant monitors visitors’ movement on each entry/exit point and within the premises. When needed, the system can provide organizations with accurate record statistics on every pedestrian and vehicle.

2. Pass Issuing System

J Vigilant software provides the pass/card issuing facility for business needs. This system works best for places where there are frequent visits by large number of people.
This automated system works in the following way: - applicant forms are filled out by the subjects, their data is then entered onto the main system, once this is done their pictures is further added to the profile. After the verification process by the concerned authorities, the entry pass is issued to the subject. For casual passes the subject shows his NIC, the data is entered onto the system, the picture is added and after verification a casual pass is issued that is valid for one day. These passes would be used at every entry and exit point to allow the subject to access that area.

3. CCTV Surveillance

CCTV (Close Circuit Television) has become an important aspect in security. Video surveillance includes motion detection by comparing previous video frames against the current one.
The video surveillance helps deter theft, vandalism, monitor areas that human eye cannot, increases staff productivity and can identify criminals.

4. Comprehensive Analysis Reporting

One of the unique features of the J Vigilant is its strong capability of analysis and reporting. J Vigilant has an intelligence built around it that can gauge the information from the data recorded. It can make co-relations between different incidences and draw logical conclusions to present several possible scenarios. This built in intelligence in the system is the key differentiating factor of the J Vigilant system compared to other similar systems in the market place. Comprehensive reports are available in the system with different options for the management to monitor the efficiency of the operations and to enable them to take timely decisions.

Reports that can be generated include:

  • Status of application
  • Name wise performance report
  • Company wise status report
  • Objection history report
  • Port traffic analyzer
  • Gate wise issuance of  pass
  • Summary pass report
  • General cargo long cargo report
  • Gate wise cargo long cargo vehicle report
  • Pedestrian history report
The flexibility of creating additional reports as and when required by the management to cater for the changing needs of the organization is also available in the system. Besides creating the reports the system has the capability of having this information available online on large screen monitors to enable the management to take timely decision on real time basis. Thus providing yet another flexibility to the management.                 
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